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2020 comparison and opinion on the best electric cooler for motorhomes and camping in 2020 – TopSuppliers

2020 comparison and opinion on the best electric cooler for
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Summary and comparison 2020:

Also called a Peltier cooler, this type of cooler works by passing current through a pair of electrical conductors, which will displace heat. Therefore, the temperature in the cooler will drop by 10°C compared to the outside temperature if the device is plugged into a cigarette lighter socket with a 12v converter, and by 30°C if it is connected to the mains. The heat present in the refrigerator is dissipated by an aeration system.

Electric cooler

This mode of operation is identical to that of a household refrigerator, that is, it works by compressing a gas. This compression will cause a chemical reaction that will generate cold. Whether you connect such a refrigerator to a wall socket or a cigarette lighter, the temperature in the electric refrigerator can be quickly lowered and stabilized. These excellent features make the electric compression refrigerator very popular with consumers.

Much rarer, the slightly more energy-efficient electric absorption chiller operates thanks to an ammonia absorption system present in the system. Ammonia, once treated and compressed, will generate cold and can lower the temperature by 30°C. However, equipment of this type, because it is less widespread and has high performance, generally costs much more than an electrical compression or thermoelectric cooler.

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