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2020 comparison of the best robot dogs to make a fun Christmas gift for your child – TopSuppliers

Summary and comparison 2020:

The selection of the best dog robots for Christmas

Amazing result of technological advancement, we hear more and more about it “Robot Dogs”. These robotic animals are increasingly being marketed and made for our children. In addition, they are highly valued by the latter and it is this commercial success that is at the root of the madness of manufacturers who are investing more and more in the production of different models. Faced with these many models, What are the best robotic dogs on the market today? ? To make your choice easier, we’ve put together this comparison, which we hope will help you a lot.

Why use a robot dog?

The increasing success of robotic dogs can be explained by the many benefits that come with their use. Here are the benefits:

  • Robot dogs keep company. It is true that in this article we are interested in models made exclusively for children, but in fact they can also be used by adults or even the elderly to remove it.

  • They allow the little ones have fun for a few tens of minutes (e.g. when mom is vacuuming).
  • Despite the options and features, they are Easy to use.
  • With a robot dog no cleaning job Because he doesn’t eat, doesn’t have hair (which could fall on the carpet), he doesn’t leave droppings or bathe. So we can easily take care of it and spend much less.
  • The most advanced robot dog models be able to communicate with their teacher by sounds or movements or even by feeling the caresses they receive.
  • Unlike real dogs, training robot dogs is easier given that behavior is essentially programmed.
  • There is no no risk of bites (Unlike real dogs).
  • Robot dogs don’t go to the vet. So that means less money to spend.
  • Barking can be programmed. Therefore, there is no inconvenient barking. (like real dogs) and the sounds can be adjusted if needed (often with a remote control or an app).

Presentation of the best robot dog models.

Of the various models of robot dogs on the market, there are some that are really worth a visit. They are successful thanks to several strengths (functionality, design, option, ergonomics, ease of use, etc.). As main models we can mention: the robot dog Zoomer, the robot dog Anysun, the robot dog Bebo and the “connected” robot dog. In the following paragraphs we will introduce them to you in more detail: features, design, advantages and weaknesses.

Our favorite robot dog

Robot Dog Zoom In

Here are the pros and cons of this dog.

The benefits of the robot dog for children Zoom in

The robot dog Zoom in It has the advantage that it is great fun for your children. The manufacturer recommends it for children at least 5 years old. As for the maximum age of these children, it can be about a dozen years. Kids love the robot dog Zoomer because he can play in so many different ways. For example, he is able to roll on the ground or respond by wagging the tail. In this Zoomer dog robot, there is an original feature called ‘standalone mode’. It can be activated and once it is, the Zoomer robot dog will behave differently. Then demonstrate incredible capacity for independence and it can also be stimulated by about fifty different voice commands.

This Zoomer robot dog is designed to: respond to displays of affection (like scratching your stomach or being petted by your teacher). Maintenance costs are low and this is a concern for parents. There is actually no need to feed this Zoomer robot dog or go to the vet. To enrich the experience of using this Zoomer robot dog, it is designed with: certain will to decide in relation to their behaviour. Then you can sulk if you don’t pay enough attention to it.

the cons

We mainly count 3. The first concerns The purchase price: of this expensive Zoomer robot dog. The second disadvantage concerns: low autonomy that it has and that it cannot be worn for hours. And finally, the last weak point concerns: joint vulnerability of this Zoomer robot dog.

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Customer’s favorite robot dog

Anysun robot dog presentation

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of this robot dog.

The strengths of the robot dog Anysun

How not to fall in love with the robot dog Anysun? This model has several strengths that speak in its favor. We’ll focus on the design and look first. This is a good boy and he will remind you of these hero dogs we see in children’s cartoons. Of her super cute face, the robot dog It will seduce your children (and you at the same time) at first sight. On the design side, the manufacturer has opted for: the clown look (including big eyes and a big nose that immediately reminds of the famous circus character). The third strong point of this model refers to the accessories that are present in the packaging.

to exist various accessories Features: mini bones, a shovel, an adjustable belt, a mini broom and a remote control. There are four mini bones and they serve as a snack when it is time for your child to feed the robot dog Anysun. The shovel and mini broom are designed to help your child collect the feces that occasionally escape from this robot dog. The adjustable strap can be shortened (according to your child’s wishes). You can also extend it if, on the other hand, you find the distance too short. This Anysun robot dog is powered by multiple batteries.. These give it the energy it needs to function fully. And finally, the last accessory, the remote control, It is very useful because it allows the robot dog Anysun to respond to your child’s various requests.

The weaknesses of the Anysun brand robot dog

We cannot afford to ignore the drawbacks that we encounter when using this model. Actually, the only major drawback of this Anysun robot dog is: which is quite expensive. First, there is the purchase price that is not listed. Then there are the batteries that were not in the original packaging. Then you should buy separately (Without these batteries, the Amazon robot robot cannot function normally.)

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The robot dog for toddlers

Introducing the Fisher Price Bebo Robot Dog

The robotic robot Bebo already stands out because of its Simple and fun design. All the children fall in love with her beautiful face and her belly which is covered with different indicator lights. The Bebo robotic robot is the ideal model to support your baby during growth. Moreover, The manufacturing brand designed it for babies as young as 9 months old. As for the moves you make, we noticed you can nod or even move your hips. The operating mode consists of three different modes that also help the child to move.

For example, pwhile dancing, play music in time to encourage your baby to move with him, andSince your child is only a baby, the music volume is adjustable. It is then programmed to help your baby discover colors and letters. The «stopdance» is an original option specially made for the robot dog Bebo. It consists of the robotic robot Bebo producing a song from a phrase one of the parents recorded earlier. The Bebo robot robot has a long autonomy that is provided by means of 4 alkaline batteries.

What are its limits?

Despite the many advantages, we still note the presence of two important limits that are likely to be an obstacle for parents. First, given the audience you are targeting, The functionality is quite limited. And finally, concretely, although they are useful in a way, it happens that theThe educational features it has are not really useful for kids.

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The most technologically advanced robot dog

Introducing the Connected Robot Dog Liteness

Read more about the pros and cons of this robot dog.

Why choose the connected robot dog?

The connected robot dog is a safe bet, as evidenced by its various advantages. First, there’s his incredible intelligence. This connected robot dog was equipped with a artificial intelligence that allows you to respond quite often. He also knows how to show affection when the opportunity arises. The more your child’s attitude is loving and kind to him, the more this robot dog will behave very tenderly with your child. Then there’s this smart watch that is included in the package. Thanks to this, your child will really have fun. Plus, the way this robotic dog reacts quickly makes you forget it’s not a real pet in front of you. The third positive point concerns the trips made. by this connected robot dog. These are in fact executed flawlessly.

But it’s no coincidence that the robot dog is connected is specially equipped with infrared sensors. Thanks to these different infrared sensors, the connected robot dog can detect obstacles in its path and avoid them. This gives your child another advantage: Since this connected robot dog can move on its own, it doesn’t really need to be carried around all the time. The fourth advantage concerns: The accessories that come with the robot dog connected. These accessories make this connected robotic dog very easy for your child to use. Take the example of the bracelet. It allows your child to communicate directly with your connected robot dog. He can give you different commands to perform.

What are the disadvantages?

Despite the presence of several advantages, we note that this model has two weaknesses. The first concerns: The price, which is a bit too expensive. This limits the types of scholarships that can be used. The last weak point refers to the connected watch you have. After a while she stopped doing it It really doesn’t work optimally.

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