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5 reasons to buy your electric toothbrush now – TopSuppliers

5 reasons to buy your electric toothbrush now TopSuppliers
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Summary and comparison 2020:

Many people doubt the importance of an electric toothbrush. Some openly claim that an electric toothbrush is worth no more than a regular toothbrush. With a small application, users of both types of toothbrushes, according to others, could achieve the same results. And yet the toothbrush is distinguished by an incomparable technique. In addition to the great ease of use, it offers a deep ergonomic brushing with guaranteed gum, heart and brain protection. Discover here the 5 reasons why you should buy your electric toothbrush today, even for young children.

Easy to use

The electric toothbrush stands out because of its easy use. Start by reading the instructions on the brush packaging. In general, the dentist recommends cleaning each tooth from top to bottom using circular motions, inside and out. With an electric toothbrush you have several brush heads. You can choose a ‘gentle cleaning’, ‘polishing’ or ‘massage’ head. In addition, there are also sonic models in brushing or sweeping.

Using an electric toothbrush takes little effort, as does a good water flosser. She does the cleaning for you. Therefore, this type of brush is ideal for the elderly, the sick and children. It is practically applicable to people suffering from osteoarthritis or pain in the fingers, hands or wrists. With an electric toothbrush, brushing your teeth becomes a real game.

Thorough cleaning of the teeth.

A high quality electric toothbrush makes it easy to clean your teeth effectively. It allows you to reach every corner of your mouth without any special effort on your part. Very practical, it includes a light or vibration system, depending on the model. This mechanism notifies you when the brushing time is up. Dentists even recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes without interruption. Some models alert you every 30 seconds to let you know that you’ve cleaned a part of your mouth enough.

With an electric tooth you clean all teeth with the same care for a clean mouth and the total removal of tartar and plaque. This is a big advantage. In fact, brushing your teeth is uneven with a manual toothbrush. Studies have shown that right-handed people clean the left side of their mouth more, while left-handed people pay more attention to the right side.

Gum protection

According to the results of numerous studies, the electric toothbrush removes on average twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush. Gold, these dental plaques cause gingivitis. With an electric toothbrush you protect your teeth and gums against any oral disease. An electric toothbrush ensures effective brushing and eliminates the risk of cavities.

In addition, the electric toothbrush prevents aggressive brushing. In fact, we sometimes brush our teeth really hard in the hope of a thorough cleaning and a bright smile. Unfortunately, the more you brush your teeth, the more likely you are to crack the enamel that covers and protects the surface of your teeth. This exposes your teeth to hot and cold with loss of sensitivity and degradation of the gums. An electric toothbrush prevents this kind of behavior. In reality, the vast majority of toothbrushes are equipped with pressure sensors. These smart sensors measure the pressure placed on your teeth as you brush and lock the mechanism if you get too hard. Unlike manual brushing, which exposes you to damaged enamel, the electric toothbrush preserves the enamel and prevents aggressive cleaning of the gums.

A healthy heart and brain.

A thin film of bacteria, uncleaned plaque can cause gum disease or inflammation. The infection gradually infects the blood and can cause heart disease, diabetes, or even dementia. An electric toothbrush prevents these diseases. Eliminates the maximum plaque. For example, destroy 100% dental plaque with the Oral-B PRO 600 Cross Action toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is still twice as effective as a manual toothbrush on dental plates. For efficient brushing, choose a good electric toothbrush. For example, use an oral electric toothbrush comparison to find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

A brush suitable for young children.

A lot of kids honestly don’t like to brush their teeth. You generally run after them to force them into this exercise. In this sense, some electric toothbrushes offer an innovation that can change the concept of brushing teeth in children. Some manufacturers have even integrated a small music system into their electric toothbrush. The latter starts as soon as the child starts brushing the teeth. Then the child concentrates on music and brushing teeth for two minutes. This type of electric toothbrush is still very practical for kids who end up loving brushing their teeth.

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