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Summary and comparison 2020:

To travel by car, all babies must have a seat that is appropriate for their age and body shape. This equipment guarantees good safety, but also maximum comfort. It should also be noted that since 1992 there has been a law to this effect that stipulates that every child under the age of 10 must be installed in a car seat when traveling by car. So do you want to buy a car seat for your baby? But you do not know which model to choose, given the many models available on the market. And good ! You do not have to be ashamed. The Beline Nania Skyline Black Car Seat will meet your expectations.

Top 2 benefits of the Beline Nania Skyline Black Group 1/2/3 car seat

Thanks to the fact that it offers many different adjustment options, such as the height-adjustable headrest or the possibility of transforming it into a booster seat for children such as the Rodifix Airprotect from Bébé Confort, the Beline Nania Skyline Black car seat can support your little one as he grows. support and at the same time guarantee the best safety in the car.
To ensure that all parents and children are completely satisfied with this model, the Beline Nania Skyline Black group 1/2/3 car seat is available in different colors, from blue to pink and black. But in all cases the most remarkable thing is that the overall quality is perfect, even if the low price would easily suggest otherwise.

The different features of the Beline Nania Skyline Black car seat


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A 123 group car seat that urgently needs to be

Have you ever heard of the Nania Skyline brand? Sure, because it’s well-known to parents in the car seat field. With over 30 years of experience, Nania Skyline has an excellent reputation in the field of child safety accessories. These products always benefit from exceptional quality and it is not the black Beline Nania Skyline chair that will be the exception. Let’s quickly discover its technical properties. It is a 1/2/3 seating group. Therefore, it is suitable for children from 1 year to 10 or even 12 years with a size ranging between 80 and 150 cm and a maximum weight of 36 kg. Black in color, it conforms to ECE R44/04 standard. For those of you who don’t know, this is a European certification standard for child seats.

This device can only be mounted on the rear seat of the car facing the direction of travel and is furthermore securely fastened, especially thanks to the three-point seat belt. The headrest is adjustable in height in 5 positions, so you can adapt it to your child’s physique. The Beline Nania Skyline Black Car Seat also has a 5-point harness with dual shoulder adjustment, which is great for safety. With a child from 15 kg you can convert it to a bracket without harness, because the back of the BELINE bracket is removable. In order to provide good comfort to the child, the manufacturer has equipped it with small armrests. This protects your baby against side collisions.

Our take on the Black Beline Grp 1/2/3 Nania Skyline car seat

If you are looking for a booster harness, the Beline Nania Skyline Black Car Seat is exactly what you need. Since it is very light and easy to handle, it is fixed in two stages and three movements. It also takes up little space in the car. This car seat is designed to accompany your baby because it is scalable. In fact, it adapts to the weight and age of the child over time. You no longer have to buy different car seats every time your baby grows. This yields a significant monetary gain. For those wondering if it will be durable over time, just take a look at the finishes and premium fabric to be convinced. There is no doubt that this chair is the perfect equipment to keep your babies moving. What is also interesting is that its manufacture is 100% French.

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