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Summary and comparison 2020:

Reebok and the classic: the most beautiful shoes

Reebok’s Story of a Success in English!

It was in Bolton, UK, that JW Foster and Sons was founded in 1895 under the auspices of Joseph William Foster. The latter was at the time one of the forerunners of the pointe shoe (rare at the time). His shoes, made entirely by hand, were worn in Paris during the 1924 Summer Olympics. It was not until 1958 that JW Foster and Sons was renamed Reebok by Joseph’s two grandchildren. William Foster. The brand is inspired by the name of a South African antelope called Rhebok in Afrikaans. It was in 1979 that the company decided to conquer the North American market by launching an absolutely unbeatable offer with the launch of a pair of running shoes for the modest sum of 60 dollars!

In 1981, sales at the US branch really took off, peaking at over $1.5 billion, a colossal amount for the time.

Reebok Freestyle women’s shoes is a whole story

reebok logo

In 1982, the brand pioneered the creation and production of a pair of women’s shoes under the name Reebok Freestyle. You should know that these sports shoes are particularly suitable for gymnastics and that they will experience unprecedented success with the advent of aerobics. in 1985 Reebok is flying a kite with its New York IPO on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It was not until 1989 that the brand experienced a real triumph by making a more than significant improvement to the famous compressed air system designed by the manufacturer Nike. In fact, it’s finally possible to freely inflate and deflate the air cushions inside the shoes with the legendary Reebok Pump! Despite this novelty, the expensive price is a strong deterrent, which directly affects sales. If we generalize this revolutionary system to a set of sneakers and use the services of a basketball star during a large series of ad campaigns, the marketing operation proves extremely lucrative. It goes without saying that the Pump remains a revolutionary sneaker to this day.

Reebok PUMP Basketball Back

of our days Reebok revives the concept of Pumps shoes ! True to its strategy, Reebok is gaining more and more market share by expanding its reach to focus on other sports. In the 1990s, the brand sponsored internationally renowned athletes such as Venus Williams, the famous women’s tennis champion. Strong alliances were forged with the NFL (National Football League) in 2000 and the NBA (National Basketball Association) in 2001. In 2004, Reebok bought hockey equipment manufacturers such as Jofa and Koho, propelling the group among the giants. of the ice hockey industry. The brand stands out as the official supplier of the National Ice Hockey League. In 2005, Reebok acquired several brands, such as:

  • Greg Norman for golf.
  • Ralph Lauren for shoes.
  • Rockport for shoes.

After a public takeover bid for $3,800 million, Adidas bought this multinational in August 2005. Reebok innovated in 2009 by taking inspiration from the balance balls to create soles in which air circulates through different pads:

  • run tone.
  • train tone.
  • slimtone
  • Simplytone

As for the appearance of the ZigTech model, the peculiarity of which is the zigzag sole, we have to wait until 2011. In 2012 Reebok innovate again with the Realflex shoe, a shoe that has the property of being incredibly flexible. It should be noted that the brand is targeting its range with ReeZig and ReeFlex to expand in the fitness market.

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