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The favorite myHummy cuddly toy for parents and children.

MyHummy pet with sleep sensor: the best white plush myHummy

the myHummy sleeping pet with sleep sensor is a unique baby care product that will be as essential for your newborn as it is for you. This white myHummy plush can be used from your child’s first days and offers many functions, each more useful than the other, greatly improving the quality of your little one’s sleep. In itself, this My Hummy plush can represent all the knowledge of the famous German brand, which can boast of developing an exceptional plush white noise model like no other.

To design this sleeping mascot from myHummy, the brand chose to use an ultra-soft fabric called Minky, which has the effect of reassure the child and stimulate the senses. One thing is certain, your newborn baby will soon no longer imagine that he can no longer do without his new duvet, because it is pleasant to touch and relax at the same time. In addition, this myHummy plush, with its dimensions of 14 x 23 centimeters, takes up little space in the crib or on the lounger and is easy to transport. But as you will see below, when the overall quality is at the meeting point, the features are also exceptional, and this in every way.

What are the characteristics of the white noise pet myHummy Snoozy?

In itself, the myHummy Snoozy White Noise Plush can be considered a true concentrate of technologies as it brings together everything you would expect from a childcare item as a parent. First of all, the sound device, which is actually a white noise generator, is integrated directly into the head of the myHummy sleeping pad, so you can easily access it with just the zipper to open. So you can set the plush to make sure offers all the comfort and convenience your child needs so you can rest completely.

Once turned on, the myHummy pet continues to run for 60 minutes, before gradually turning off so as not to accelerate baby’s sleep. And if the latter starts to wake up, fidget or cry, the sleep sensor will detect it and the device will start again, until the 60-minute cycle starts again. If you wish, you can activate the continuous mode, which will keep the white noise hugger active for 12 hours. To relaxing white baby sounds, these are five in number. Your child can enjoy the sound of hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, ocean waves, dripping rain or intrauterine sound with heartbeats.

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