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Best car polisher review and test – TopSuppliers

Best car polisher review and test TopSuppliers
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Which car polishers are available on the market?

Often used by garage owners and individuals to obtain professional finishes, the car polisher, which works more or less on the same principle as the Karcher defroster, is the ideal machine when you want to remove dirt and traces from the body of a vehicle from the time that affect its glow. It comes in two forms: the rotary form and the orbital form; each with pros and cons to consider before any purchase. Be careful not to confuse it with a random orbital sander, it is not the same use at all.

The characteristics and working method of car polishers

Although they are both car polishers, the rotary model and the orbital model are different in many ways, which is important to know before making a decision. The rotary car polisher, also called electric circular polisher, is a powerful machine. It produces a circular motion on a central axis that allows it to respond easily to tight corners and deep disturbances. It is characterized by:

It is an advanced car polish that is only recommended for people who have already acquired a good orientation in the use of polishers. The orbital model is a machine that works with random motion and orbital rotation. It is often considered the type of polish that is accessible to everyone. It is less robust and therefore lighter. It also has the advantage of being less nervous and is characterized by:

How to choose the right orbital polisher for cars?

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Given the previously developed features, you should first choose your car polisher by first considering your dexterity and your ability to handle the machine you choose.

In addition to this criterion, your needs must be taken into account. Indeed :

  • If the car is really damaged and scratched, orbital rotary polisher it is the only one capable of thoroughly cleaning the marks to obtain a satisfactory result;

  • If the vehicle you plan to use it for is fairly new and has only a few scratches, the orbital model seems to be the one designed to meet your expectations.

Whatever you choose, you need to make sure you get a machine that’s powerful enough to get long-lasting results. For example, an orbital polisher offers a satisfactory cleaning from 5000 OBM while a rotary model will suffice once the speed is between 800 and 1000 rpm.

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