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Summary and comparison 2020:

If you have the habit of regularly traveling by plane, train or car, for example, then you know that it is never easy to lug all your stuff without it. visible for a real movement. And rightly so, often the maximum dimensions of luggage are limited, but it is also important that transporting your belongings does not require the slightest physical effort on your part. That’s why we wanted to talk to you cabin backpackA product that comes close to the cheap hand luggage that can radically change your life and the way you travel, as it offers many advantages that are unique to say the least. In fact, it’s very likely that once you’ve discovered them, your only rush is to get your new product as soon as possible.

The best airplane backpack for travel: our selection


€34.95 24.95

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So that you can do your research with the guarantee that you will find the ideal model in your eyes, we wanted to offer you this shopping guide in cabin backpack where you benefit from all our expert advice. Within a few minutes, after you take the time to read this article to the end, you will know for sure which model will satisfy you the most. And as you will notice, the most expensive model is not necessarily the one that suits you best, which explains why we wanted to list in detail all the criteria for choosing a » cabin backpack.

The tester’s favourite: Veevan Backpack Travel Cabin Unisex 40L Waterproof

Why buy a cabin backpack?

For many travellers, occasional or regular, the backpack for airplane cabins It is essential equipment in the sense that it offers a high volume while displaying the prescribed dimensions. In fact, as we’ll see a little later, you can’t afford to carry luggage in the passenger compartment as part of a plane trip. But what also stands out about a product of this type is the fact that it is considered ultra-resistant and that it guarantees your personal products exceptional protection, in particular thanks to the padding and safety features that reduce the risk of theft.

In addition, the cabin backpack is not only handy and practical during the journey, but just as useful during transport. As the name implies, you should only carry it on your shoulders so that you have your hands free, unlike a certain carry-on. Specifically at this level, such equipment offers exactly the same benefits as a modern Eastpak backpack, with the difference that it is a bit bulkier. If you like to keep things simple and practical then choose a cabin backpack for your travels this is the best you can do.

Our favorite carry-on backpack of the year 2020, just over 40L

Cabin Max 44L Cabin Backpack

We wanted to introduce you to the Cabin Max 44L Cabin Backpack because it is a unique product that combines elegance, practicality and low price. This allows you to travel with a light mind, always knowing that your belongings are perfectly protected. In addition, this model is available in many different versions, so you can find the one that suits you best and emphasizes your clothing style with the best possible elegance.

To develop the cabin backpack Cabin Max 44L, the brand has chosen to use mainly high-end polyester. The total weight is only 660 grams, making it one of the lightest models in its class. Three different compartments make it easy to organize your things, making this model even more convenient. Finally, this Cabin Max backpack has the legal dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters, which guarantees that you can travel with any airline and always know for sure that it can accompany you in the passenger compartment.

The best cabin backpack brands

Cabin Max

Cabin Max Cabin Backpack

Cabin Max is a company that exclusively designs luggage for people who plan to travel by plane. Its true strength is to design products adapted to each airline, but also others that have more standard dimensions that can be adapted to all these companies. Whether you plan to use Air France, Ryanair or EasyJet, for example, you will find the right luggage so that you can plan your next trip with more peace of mind.

What is also striking about the brand Cabin Maxit’s the fact that she only uses the best materials to design her bags. Therefore, whichever product you choose, you will in any case be sure that you will not have any complaints, especially since you could buy it at a particularly advantageous price compared to the cabin back offered by many of its competitors.

Inateck: hand luggage backpack

Inateck cabin backpack

Inateck is a brand strongly focused on new technologies and does not hesitate to innovate to offer its customers solutions that are always better adapted to their needs. The brand even produces high-capacity multimedia hard drives and bluetooth speakers, while ensuring that it is impeccable on all levels, both in terms of ease of use and usability. Overall quality. It is true that a carry-on backpack produced by a historically high-tech oriented brand may be surprising, but in reality it should only be considered as a bonus.

even if a Inateck cabin backpack It is not a high-tech product in itself, it is nevertheless designed to be able to take your laptop with you, for example, because it has a specific compartment for this. But what also stands out about this board is the fact that it is completely uncompromising with regard to the quality of the materials it uses, guaranteeing you at the end of a team of exceptional overall quality, allowing you to live a simply unforgettable shopping experience .

What are the criteria for choosing a travel backpack?

In front of choose an airplane cabin backpack that suits you, it is essential to respect mainly three criteria that will guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. In order to start your research with a light mind, we wanted to present you these three criteria in detail below, which, as you will see, are not complicated.

The highly regulated dimensions of the airplane cabin backpack

In the beginning, it is not possible to take all luggage with you in the passenger compartment of an aircraft. In fact, each airline has its own instructions at this level, which can indeed complicate things. However, these dimensions are still quite close to each other.

To avoid being caught off guard on your next trip, make sure you choose a cabin backpack corresponding to these regulatory dimensions. To get an idea, just go to the website of the respective airline, there the information is always clearly available.

For most backpacks in the cabin and also for profitable businesses dimensions of a cabin backpack or a hand luggage is allowed a maximum of 55 cm high, 40 cm wide and 23 cm deep. The weight should not exceed 10 kg or the advantage of buying light hand luggage.

The overall quality of a cabin backpack

The best cabin backpacks

Essentially, a cabin backpack is a product that is intended to follow you around the world, which means that it must be as resistant as possible, and this in order to always provide the best protection for your personal belongings.

We therefore recommend that you pay close attention to these selection criteria. the most of cabin backpacks nowadays they are made of polyester, which is quite satisfactory, but beware of models made of fabrics which unfortunately can have some weaknesses.

The ergonomics of your next carry-on backpack for travel

Finally, for your satisfaction to reach new heights, it’s important that your next cabin backpack is as easy to use as possible. Otherwise, you could spend long minutes searching for your belongings, which could annoy even other travelers.

A small travel bag

Immediately ergonomic cabin backpack, it is easy to organize your personal belongings to find them in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, ergonomics also refers to ease of transport, which should be as good as possible. This is mainly due to adjustable handles or a padded back that will guarantee you more comfort.

The best cabin backpacks of the moment

Max Equator 2.0 Cabin Backpack

the Cab Max Equator 2.0 It can be considered the high-end cabin backpack from this selection that will necessarily satisfy you, whatever your requirements. This allows you to travel wherever you want and always have the assurance that your belongings are protected in the best possible conditions. In itself, this model perfectly illustrates all the know-how of the brand.

What makes the power of? Max Equator 2.0 Cabin Backpackit is the fact that it has sufficient dimensions for any airline. In addition, the structure is padded so that your personal belongings are protected from possible shocks that they may undergo. Finally, even if the price is relatively high, it must be recognized that it is still perfectly justified given all the qualities that this model offers and will never disappoint you.

Inateck 30 L cabin backpack

the Inateck 30 L cabin backpack It is a more compact product than the others, which is perfect for travelers who only carry the essentials of their business during flights. But even if its dimensions are smaller than most of its competitors, the overall quality is still perfect, so your business is always in good hands.

What we really liked about this cabin backpack Inateck 30 Lis the fact that it is extremely practical thanks to its 270 ° opening. For example, you can simply store a laptop or a touchpad in it. If you are looking for a cheap cabin backpack that is however impeccable in every way, then this is for you.

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