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Choosing the Best Portable Gas Stove for Camping – TopSuppliers

Choosing the Best Portable Gas Stove for Camping TopSuppliers
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Summary and comparison 2020:

The gas stove, which has been around for decades, makes it possible to create a punctual kitchen, when using all the other fireplaces, while traveling in a caravan, on a boat, during a camp or even during a picnic. .

The features of the gas stove

You can define the gas stove as an extra hob that you can use at home or outdoors. Available in different models, the gas stove can consist of a hob with one, two or three lights. The plate can be made of stainless steel, enamel or cast iron. Being a point cooking appliance, the gas stove is a removable item or one that can be easily stored due to its small size and therefore has small feet or tripods to mount it on. Time to cook. Unlike the electric stove that consumes electrical energy, the gas stove runs on gas. It can be butane, isobutane, propane, natural gas, a mixture of gases, etc. To figure out what type of gas to use, get as much information from the seller as possible, as each type of gas is not suitable for all types of gas stoves. The prices of gas stoves vary according to some elements, but mainly according to the number of fires, so for a single burner stove, the prices range from 15 euros to 100 euros, for a two-burner stove the prices. prices from €60 to €150.

Elbow of the Heart: Foldable and Portable Gas Camping Stove

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Campingaz Camp Bistro DLX 1 burner gas stove

2020 characteristics of the gas used.

All models of gas stoves work with a suitable gas. The required gas is distributed in small gas cylinders or in small cartridges. The special thing about these containers is that they are refillable. Butane gas is the most commonly used gas among the different models of gas stoves, but it is also a gas that cannot withstand temperatures below 0°C (it freezes). Isobutane gas can withstand temperatures down to -12°C and propane gas can even drop to -40 °C. Indeed, propane is the gas most resistant to low temperatures and suitable for any type of movement anywhere in the world. Natural gas or town gas is the gas that can only be used indoors and is the only gas that is not supplied in the form of refillable bottles or cartridges. The stove must be connected to the town gas distribution network.

Using the gas stove.


Whether it is a camping gas stove or a simple gas stove, the gas stove can be used both indoors and outdoors. Used as an extra plate for people who don’t cook much or during events where all plates are needed in the house, the gas stove is very suitable for outdoor use at the campsite, a picnic, during a camper trip or by boat. It is not a suitable dish for everyday cooking or prolonged cooking. Either we use it occasionally or we use it all year round on an ad hoc basis.

Connect a gas stove

If the gas used is natural gas, or town gas, the gas stove can be connected in the same way as a standard hob. When it comes to gas dispensed in bottles or cartridges, the gas stove is connected to it by a valve system, so that the bottle or cartridge can be removed and stored as often as needed. The most common connection when it comes to gas cartridges or bottles is to mount the gas stove on the top (top).

The best camping gas stove top 5

# # Overview Product Judgement Price
1 Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 1-burner gas stove, 2200 watt cartridge housing, compact exterior with case Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 1-burner gas stove, 2200 watt cartridge camping, compact outdoor … 236 reviews EUR 24.95 EUR 20.00
2 CAMPINGAZ folding grill for barbecue and double oven CAMPINGAZ folding grill for barbecue Double burner and oven 374 reviews 59.99 EUR
3 Campingaz Camp Bistro DLX 1-burner gas stove, 2200 Watt camping cartridge stove, compact outdoor stove with ... Campingaz Camp Bistro DLX Gas stove with 1 burner, Camping stove with 2200 watt cartridge, Stove… 5 comments EUR 39.95 EUR 33.96
4 4 TOMSHOO Foldable Camping Stove Small Portable Stainless Steel Stove For BBQ Hiking Camping Picnic TOMSHOO Foldable Camping Stove Small Portable Stainless Steel Barbecue Stove … 49 reviews EUR 25.99
5 5 Outdoor Camping Stove, 3500W Portable Foldable Gas Stove Anti-Wind Gas Burner With Ignition Knob For Outdoor Camping Stove Awroutdoor Camping Stove, 3500 W Portable Foldable Gas Stove Windproof Gas Burner With … No notes EUR 32.99 EUR 19.98

Gas stove for the campsite

You have decided to go out and discover the beauty of the landscapes. Being in nature and living for a few days in freedom and in the desert should be very exciting and enjoyable, but before diving into the unknown, whether you are in a tent or a cave, you should take all precautions and also all your camping equipment, a sleeping bag, flashlight, binoculars, refrigerator, camping furniture and of course a camping gas stove that comes in handy when preparing your meals.

Taste your dishes in the middle of nature.

He’d had enough of the noise of the city and the horns that never stop, so he decided to do the usual and change his mind on top of a mountain, or in the middle of a forest, but before self-isolating and isolating himself of the world, make a list of all the items you need. A camping gas stove should not be missing on your list, so that your camping holiday is never lost. Once you’ve arrived at camp and everything is set up, you set up the tents, the sleeping bags in place, the stomachs start to growl, so now’s the perfect time to get out your camping gas stove and cook some good hot food , that will give you the strength to explore the place well.

Which camping stove to choose?

In fact, this is the standard question that arises with every purchase, but not only for camping stoves, but for any other product, because the market sometimes makes it difficult for us with all these models it offers. On the camping stove models out there, we find: the camping wood stove, the camping gas stove, the camping gas stove and even a camping alcohol stove. The choice of camping gas stove combines practicality with practicality and allows good cooking even in the least equipped places.

Advantages and disadvantages of the camping gas stove

First, here are the benefits. The camping gas stove will be like a portable mini stove for you. It is the easiest and simplest to use, but also the least polluting. In addition, it works with butane gas, so that your pots remain intact and do not turn black. On the other hand, what makes it even more practical is the fact that it consists of a lighting control system that allows you to cook or reheat your dishes at any power and because your satisfaction is the goal of all manufacturers. find gas stoves with one fire, two burners or even special gas stoves for grills. In the event that your butane gas cartridge is nearing the end of its life and you want to replace it, the unit will stop working until the cartridge is properly installed. All this for maximum safety and to prevent gas leaks.

Let’s move on to the disadvantages, the first is the autonomy of the gas cartridges. In fact, for a 1250 watt gas stove with a cooking time of 5 minutes per liter, your cartridge will last 2 hours. Therefore, take precautions and take other cartridges with you. The second disadvantage is that the power of this model decreases in colder places, at altitude or during gusts of wind, which slows down cooking. To overcome this, you can equip your stove with a windbreaker. The latter costs about 12 euros. Finally, the camping gas stove or other model, the choice is yours, but before you choose, weigh the pros and cons and think about your safety first. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy.

Choosing an electric stove

Space-saving, the electric hob can be moved and transported at will. Low cost, it allows troubleshooting in the event of a movement, device failure or any other emergency. But as prices have fallen significantly, it is not easy to choose your electric hob, between electric hob, induction hob and ceramic glass, especially since this appliance is often bought while waiting for something else. Whatever type of electric stove you succumb to, the basics don’t change and are essential, for everyday use or not. This type of device is not installed anywhere, as a flat and stable base that is not exposed to moisture is essential. The stove should also be out of the reach of children and pets: it is never placed on the floor, but always high and not near a sink, container or other ‘tap’. We unplug the heater after every use and never put anything on or under it! Due to its portability, the practical electric stove is a source of danger if basic safety rules are not observed. If so, it’s a small device that does a lot of good. Pay attention to what is on and around the stove, this will give off heat as well as smoke and humidity.

Induction cooker

It goes without saying that the electric induction hob has strengths that appeal to consumers. Induction cooking is even particularly safe and effective. The induction hob heats faster than other types of stoves, offering more power levels, more precision and more freedom to cook. More dishes can be prepared, but cooking is also much better controlled. By offering the timer, the induction is also less risk of burns and cleaning in one gesture or almost.

Vitroceramic stove

Ceramic electric hob is a good compromise between hob and induction. Less efficient than the latter, it is even safer than the electric hob. Unlike the induction hob, the ceramic hob does not heat up or cool down in a few moments, but really multiplies the cooking possibilities compared to dishes.

Which cooker for which kitchen?

The electric plate stove does not only have disadvantages, because compared to other types of stoves, it is cheaper and the price is an advantage when it comes to temporary equipment. The prices between ceramic and induction hobs do not differ much, but electricity consumption can be a purchase barrier. Here are some helpful questions to ask. You buy a stove: is it for a specific period (vacation, replacement pending purchase of an appliance) or an indefinite period? Do you have other cooking methods in your kitchen or do you mainly use your stove? Do you usually cook on this type of dish (electric, induction, ceramic), because if not, everyone can significantly change the way of cooking, sometimes changing the habits for the better, but in addition by asking for a time of real adaptation. Also discover our section about the gas stove.

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