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Summary and comparison 2020:

You should drain your car regularly to avoid sudden breakdowns. You can go to a garage or do it yourself to save some money. For an efficient oil change that ensures good performance of your engine, you need to choose a suitable engine oil. Specialty stores and shops offer different typesmotor oils. Each of them has undeniable advantages and some disadvantages. In addition, each vehicle has its own characteristics that you have to take into account in order to retain engine oil. Discover our selection of motor oils as well as the criteria that allow you to choose between: 5W30 or 5W40 motor oils.


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A selection of high quality motor oils for cars.

We offer a wide selection of motor oils that are highly valued for their quality and their ability to guarantee smooth operation of vehicles. These choices are made after multiple tests conducted to identify the best motor oils on the market. They all offer undeniable value for money. These oils give your engines power and durability. They are distinguished by specific features.

5W30 Total Quartz Ineo Long Life Engine Oil

This motor oil is one of the bestsellers. It is specifically suitable for: cars with particulate filter. Very popular with motorists, it allows you to get a burnout without any problems for an investment of less than € 30. It proves to be compatible with diesel and petrol engines. It is particularly suitable for: new vehicle models.

For each oil change, you can drive approximately 20,000 km with a diesel car and 15,000 km with a petrol engine. However, when making your choice, you should consider the make and model of the vehicle to avoid overheating.

5W40 Total Quartz 9000 Energy Engine Oil

It is a reference engine oil for: cars without a particulate filter. It is also an excellent option for vehicles without DPF. You benefit from an unmistakable price-quality ratio. So you don’t have to spend € 20 to drain the water with a 5 liter container.

theTotal Quartz 9000 Energy 5W40 motor oil Fits diesel and petrol engines. It has an exceptional viscosity that guarantees maximum protection of your engine, regardless of the operating conditions of your vehicle. With this motor oil, your car easily supports city and highway driving.

Shell Helix HX7 10W40 Engine Oil

When it’s cold10W40 motor oil it is more viscous than 5W40 and 5W30 motor oils. We recommend it especially for the maintenance of old diesel turbo engines with indirect injection. It is perfectly adapted to the vehicle for both city and highway driving.

10W40 semi-synthetic motor oil is less resistant than the previous two models. You should replace it after 10,000 km. This choice turns out to be more expensive. Also check the manufacturer’s specifications before choosing this engine oil. Please consider the car model.

Engine oil, viscosity and temperature.

These two criteria are the most important to consider when choosing. Indeed, the viscosity of the engine oil plays an undeniable role in the normal operation of a car. It is defined as the resistance to flow of a liquid. High-build motor oils have the consistency of honey, while low-viscosity oils circulate like water. In general, the viscosity of an engine oil is determined on a numerical scale from 10 to 60. Therefore, the 5w40 engine oil has a higher consistency than the 5w30 model. However, you must also consider the weather to fully appreciate the viscosity of a motor oil. In fact, the latter changes depending on the temperature. Oil often flows easier and faster in a cold engine. In icy environments, we recommend using a minimum of 5w30 motor oil.

To choose a suitable engine oil for your vehicle, regardless of the weather conditions, you should pay strict attention to: advice from the builder. In fact, every car needs a specific oil viscosity. You will find information on what to look out for on the oil cap under the hood. That is why you should make sure that you choose a motor oil of good consistency for your vehicle. This ensures a perfect flow in your car engine.

In general, high-quality motor oils are distinguished by: exceptional durability. They make your car run better and protect your engine. Always have 5W motor oil when the cold seasons come.

Engine oil, 5W30 or 5W40?

5w30 motor oil is still the most popular. It fits a wide range of cars of different brands and different engines. She appears as a universal motor oil. Regardless of the temperature, this oil has an ideal viscosity for optimal operation of your vehicle. However, it is especially suitable for high temperatures.

Less common than the previous one, 5w40 motor oil also impresses with its exceptional properties that increase engine performance. Avoid accumulations and deposits of waste at their level. We recommend this oil in cold environments. Promotes ideal engine starting. Even in frost, the viscosity of this oil ensures efficient circulation.

In general, professionals prefer 5w30 engine oil, which guarantees: a gentle effect on the oil pump. In addition, it guarantees a more adequate flow even when the engine is warm. Other than these considerations, 5w30 and 5w40 engine oils are good quality. They leave a Good lubrication of your vehicle during start-up and ensure proper operation of the motors.

However, choose a car with a particulate filter 5w30 engine oil as a priority. However, opt for the 5w40 for a vehicle without a particulate filter.

Motor oil, which brand to choose?

Several manufacturers offer quality motor oils. You will find a wide range of products on the internet and in specialized stores. You will hear about Total or Shell, so many brands appearing as references. But, Total It is without a doubt still the best brand of motor oil. This oil guarantees the protection of your vehicle’s engine thanks to its perfect viscosity.

Motor oil, price

Price wise, premium motor oils is still the most expensive. We recommend them as a priority. You will benefit from maintaining your engine properly rather than spending large amounts of money managing potential overheating repairs. So you agree to spend a few tens of dollars more a year for high quality oil change instead of taking unnecessary risks.

Engine oil, standard

have motor oils specific standards. For example, find the “ACEA C3” standard. Have your car manual handy to review compatibility of a standard with your vehicle model. If in doubt, contact your dealer. It’s still free.

Motor oil, how often and how much?

A 5 liter can of motor oil will usually get you an oil change, in which case you will also need to buy an inexpensive oil filter to take care of your car’s mechanics. In all cases, adhere to the recommendations from your manufacturer. For example, Renault proposes 2.8 liters of synthetic oil 5W40 for the proper functioning of a second-generation Twingo.

As for the frequency of your oil change, the manufacturer also indicates which standard must be taken into account. In addition, you can check for thewitness to ensure that the limit does not exceed the risk of choking your vehicle’s engine. Do-it-yourselfers often do very well. Do not hesitate to contact a garage for: get some help If you mix the brushes. Another tip is to watch online videos to get information on the subject.

What if I mess up the oil?

As we have seen in this motor oil comparison, the different products that exist today offer different properties, especially in terms of lubrication and viscosity. On its own, getting the wrong engine oil and using a reference other than the one recommended by your car’s manufacturer may not be such a bad thing. In particular, if you use a different oil to drain your vehicle, you do not risk any kind of breakdown, even if it is better to consult the advice of the manufacturers.

On the other hand, if you use the wrong oil for topping up, you are mixing two oils that do not have the same properties. The mechanics of your car can be damaged by this mixture. In this specific case, unfortunately, you have no choice but to carry out an emergency drain. Finally, as soon as you become aware of this error, drive your vehicle at all costs so that this bad oil mixture cannot spread to the mechanical parts of your car.

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