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the electrically assisted bicycle It is a very practical tool to move quickly without much effort. It is suitable for all kinds of people, from students to school, from people who have to work to athletes. This equipment can be of great help to the user as long as it is of good quality. That’s why we’ve developed this guide to help you choose the right electric bike for you.

The different types of electric bicycles.

There are different types of electric bicycles that have their specific characteristics.

The electric bicycle for the city.

This model is reserved for urban use. It is the oldest and most common model. It is characterized by its comfort, its efficient electrical assistance and its equipment that requires a minimum of maintenance.

The folding bike with electric assistance.

The folding electric bicycle comes in two versions. The compact electric bike that allows maximum ergonomics, especially in terms of length, height and weight. The higher density folding electric bicycle.

The electrically assisted bicycle for walking.

With the electric walking bike you can cover more kilometers by going faster and through the most difficult terrain. It also allows you to carry luggage of any weight. It is distinguished by its frame, its transmission, its braking system and its comfort elements. Currently there are models of electric bicycles for walking with GPS.

The electrically assisted cargo bike.

The electric cargo bike is particularly robust. It is often preceded by a wooden, plastic or metal box. You can transport children or luggage over a long distance. It can completely replace a car thanks to its payload and maneuverability in the city.

The family of electrically assisted bicycles:

Electric scooters: they have three wheels and a large body and can offer perfect stability when stationary.

Two Carrier Electrical Systems – Provide good maneuverability to allow them to get into traffic.

Electric cargo bicycles with extended luggage racks: These are the most compact and manoeuvrable bicycles in the family of electric transport bicycles.

Mountain bike with electric assistance.

This model is equipped with a very powerful motor that allows you to climb mountains with ease. It is suitable for all types of people, whether hobbyists, occasional cyclists or experienced athletes.

The racing bike with electric assistance.

The racing bike or electric racing bike is a specific model in practice. It requires more time and effort than other species. You also need to know how to use assist properly.

Electrically assisted hybrid bicycles

Hybrid bicycle or all-road electric bicycle can cover a longer distance. It is a mixed bike with versatile tires. It allows urban use and crossing forest roads. It is a very good model for the family that allows you to quietly follow the children on the bike.

The fast electric bike

Also called speed bike or fast electric bike, with this model you can quickly cover long kilometers on any type of terrain. The maximum speed reaches 45 km / h. Thanks to the autonomy of the battery, it is possible to cover an average of 60 km. It offers some maneuverability and a high cruising speed. However, it is forbidden to use it on bike paths and the user must wear a special helmet. It is the most advanced version of electric bicycles.

The elements to consider when choosing an electric bicycle.

These few criteria deserve to be considered before buying an electric bicycle to ensure durability.

Battery Life: Battery life depends on its capacity. The greater the capacity, the more autonomy increases. For better autonomy, 14 Ah batteries are ideal. But if you use your bike for short city trips, an 8 Ah battery is sufficient.

The battery is also determined by the voltage expressed in volts. Choose a high voltage to make driving easier. 36V batteries are currently the most popular.

Torque: It is expressed in Newton meters or Nm. This criterion is very important if you plan to use it for your bike in the mountains. A high torque should be chosen to ensure a sense of calm. The torque of an electric bicycle varies from 15 to 85 Nm.

Price of an electric bicycle.

The price of an electric bicycle depends on the model and the quality. The minimum price is 800 euros for models with basic equipment. For a price of 800 to 1400 euros you have a city bike or an off-road model. But the quality is not very safe and offers less autonomy. Between 1,400 and 3,000 euros you have a bike with good equipment, such as a disc brake, a motor on the crankset, etc. There are also models of Electric mountain bikes trade at these prices. For more than 3,000 euros you can buy a high-end electric bicycle, such as ‘fast bikes’.

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