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How much is the Garmin Forerunner 935 watch worth
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Summary and comparison 2020:

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Garmin is known for its knowledge and experience in the field of multifunctional watches for sports and triathlon. If the launch of the Fenix ​​5 made a lot of noise when setting the bar high, Garmin struck even harder with the Forerunner 935. From ergonomics to technical performance through design, This model is of course one of the most successful watches of the brand.. Discover all its advantages here.

A streamlined and more elegant design!

If the Forerunner 935 looks physically distinct like its cousin, the Fenix ​​5, it only took a few small touches to make all the difference. With a much lighter plastic body, a slimmer crown highlighted by a yellow bezel, a glass display and metal buttons, this gem from Garmin is much more stylish than any of its predecessors. And for added style and elegance, the watch is compatible with QuickFit bracelets For all occasions Therefore, we can opt for a silicone, leather or metal bracelet, depending on the occasion and the style of clothing.

Better ergonomics for easier use.

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If this watch shows very interesting improvements in design, a special emphasis has also been placed on the ergonomics and user-friendliness of the device. Weighing only 49 grams, the watch is ultra-light and compact on the wrist. With an autonomy of up to 2 weeks in watch mode, 24 hours in GPS mode and 50 to 60 hours in UltraTrac mode, this watch seems highly optimized for extended use without the need for charging. Just get a Garmin Forerunner 935 review to make sure it’s easy.

In addition, the fact that the Forerunner 935 is a quintessentially connected watch completes its practicality and ease of use. So it is possible to simply connect it to your smartphone to access sound alerts, music commands, call or message commands and smart notifications in general. All this is not that impressive compared to the many innovative features that this watch offers.

Many and more suitable functions!

With features like BluetoothWhether WiFi, ANT+, the new Garmin E heart rate sensor, activity tracker, altitude measurement, sleep tracking, electronic compass or GPS, this watch clearly appears as a multisport tool for great versatility. Water resistant to 50 meters, has many training functions for different types of activities.

Specifically, the Forerunner integrates running dynamics for running analysis, cycling dynamics for cycling, and swimming dynamics for swimming analysis. Skiing, hiking or triathlon are other sports to consider. The user even has the option to follow pre-installed sport profiles. As a bonus, this watch rates training status and performance with relevant feedback (too low to too high).

A satisfactory quality / functionality / price ratio

If this watch compares much to the Fenix ​​5 model, the fundamental difference lies in the additional features (WiFi) and those that have been significantly improved. Given all its features and performance, the Forerunner undoubtedly has the best quality/functionality/price ratio. Depending on the store, seller or terms of sale, the price of a Forerunner typically ranges between $500 and $700.

You wanted to know what the hell? Garmin Forerunner 935? It will take into account a sleek and sleek design, easier and more ergonomic use, a lot of functionality and a very reasonable price considering its usefulness.

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