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How to buy a baseball glove? – TopSuppliers

How to buy a baseball glove TopSuppliers
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Summary and comparison 2020:

Baseball is considered by some to be the mind of the athlete. It is very complex and has 9 different functions that require very specific skills. Buying a baseball glove is an important item that is often overlooked during the game as it is the most essential equipment you need to play. It’s an extension of your hand and depending on the position you’re playing in, the gloves you wear can vary widely. Many people overlook this aspect and end up wearing gloves that don’t meet their needs.

Best Baseball Glove For Kids And Adults 2020


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Our take on the WOOSON A2OO 10” Kids Baseball Glove



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The practice of any sports discipline requires the use of appropriate equipment in order to take advantage of the facility. In baseball, the use of a glove is necessary for a pitcher, whether left-handed or right-handed. That’s why the WILSON brand has created a baseball glove for their kids who love this discipline. Discover our opinion about this product in this article.

Presentation and features of the WILSON 10-inch Kids Baseball Glove

The WILSON A2OO Children’s 10′ Baseball Glove is a baseball accessory worn on the left hand by a right hand pitcher. It is made of a flexible material which is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) complemented by soft leather. Known for its lightness and the comfort it offers, EVA is a widely used product for its flexibility and practicality. Therefore, the WILSON A2OO Children’s 10 » Baseball Glove is characterized by its light weight of 181 g for a length of 24.8, a width of 12.7 and a height of 5.1 cm. It measures 10 inches in size and is made from an H-shaped basket fabric that is made with regular stitching so you can hold the ball.

Benefits and prices of the A2OO baseball glove

One of the advantages of this glove is that it is practical, allowing a child, beginner or not, to move around with ease. This utility is due to the special EVA chemical material from which this glove is made. In addition to its flexibility, this material is easy to maintain as it does not require any washing chemicals. Therefore, you can easily wash this glove with water and if possible with soap and let it air dry. In addition, the sturdy stitching prevents the glove from fraying. As for the price, it is available through your carrier for less than 25 euros, making it a very affordable item.

Let your child learn professionalism in baseball practice by purchasing this practical and inexpensive glove. Soft and flexible, the WILSON A2OO baseball glove is suitable for practicing this sport with ease and comfort.

Information to choose your baseball glove

Determine the position in which you are going to play. This is the most important step when buying a glove. You need to know the location before buying anything. Remember that if you plan to play in more than one position, it is better to buy several gloves.

Look at the gloves in the mail. The catcher should look to the catcher’s mitts, which provide more padding and a good target for the pitcher. First base players should examine first base gloves, which are specially shaped to catch the ball or debris and have a large pocket to accommodate the ball. Second baseman and blocker require small gloves, about 11 inches long, with small pockets that open for easy access to the ball. Third basemen should look for gloves that are long enough, about 11.5 cm, to give them a little more than middle infielders. the Gardeners need gloves that are about 12.5 cm long., giving them maximum reach and a good glove feel at the same time. Pitchers must wear gloves that are approximately 12 cm (4 inches) thick enough to hide the ball while adjusting their grip and stopping any shots that come their way.

Do your research online. Some of the best glove companies include Rawlings, Wilson, Nike, Akadema, Mizuno, and SSK. You can find these companies online and they provide detailed specifications for their product lines. It’s good to know what you’re looking for in a glove and what’s available. Remember that what you pay is what you get. A negative glove is not made of high quality leather and generally will not sew. A good glove can last for decades if properly cared for, while cheaper gloves can break within a few months.

Try it. Don’t buy a glove online unless you’ve tried the same gloves and seen if they fit you. You need to go to a store and try on the gloves that meet your request. Gloves should be adequate for you and feel comfortable when worn. Another will feel a little stiff, but you can tell right away if it’s too tight or too big for your hand. Most leather gloves have a Velcro strap to keep the thumb in place. This is good for an occasional baseball player who won’t put enough emphasis on his glove. But if you plan on wearing your glove constantly, steer clear of these adjustable straps as they can fall apart. Some gloves have a hole to keep the index finger out, which is a personal preference. This hole keeps the index finger as far out of the glove compartment as possible so that it is not bombarded by a dry bullet.

How to maintain your baseball glove

Fold it up and take care of it. When shopping for your glove box, make sure to buy a leather care oil. Immediately rub oil on your glove and then begin to fold it by reading the catch. When you’re not playing, wrap a rubber band baseball game in your glove compartment pocket. If it’s hot, leave the glove box in the trunk of a car for a few days, this will soften the leather and speed up the process. You should not leave the glove in direct sunlight, and avoid using shaving cream to help break down the leather as this can damage the glove. As part of caring for your glove, you should grease it before each baseball season, mid-season, and at the end of the season. This keeps the glove box in good condition and keeps the leather healthy.

Now all you have to do is play baseball! Enjoy the game and make sure to use both hands when catching a ball from the sky

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