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How to choose a car sunshade? – TopSuppliers

How to choose a car sunshade TopSuppliers
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Summary and comparison 2020:

The best umbrellas of the moment.

In summer, the visor reveals its importance as it acts as a barrier against UV rays. In addition, this is a completely independent accessory that keeps the interior of the vehicle cool. And for that it is suitable to place one on the side windows, the windshield and also on the rear window.

In the automotive sunshade market, there are models designed for parking and models designed for rear passengers. Here we explain the difference between the various existing umbrellas and choose the one that best suits your use!

Editor’s Favorite: Visor Extension

Visor definition

It is a reflective device that maintains the internal temperature of your car. It is designed to withstand the heat inside and to maintain the correct temperature in the vehicle. It is suitable for passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles and SUVs.

How do you make the best choice for your car’s visor?

1635291064 612 How to choose a car sunshade TopSuppliersChoosing the right sun visor for your car necessarily involves selecting the devices with the best criteria, just as you would when buying a multi-brand diagnostic kit. Who says criteria, says different existing models of parasols.
  • The retractable visor : Attaches to the back with rods or suction cups. It is fixed on the top of the glass and is done automatically or manually. It is a kind of removable visor, but it is exposed to the risk of stagnation in time. However, on some car models it is the retractable sun visor is supplied with the vehicle, and in this case it is usually an automated mechanism. They are often found on high-end vehicles and have nothing to do with the blinds available commercially.

  • Electrostatic visor : This type of visor is made of flexible material and attaches directly to the windshield or side windows. It is very practical and its operation is based on that of the solar film. In other words, with such a visor you can look outside without being seen. There are two aspects to this type of sunshade (one, in a piece that attaches directly to the windshield or side windows, and the other in the form of a cutting roller).

  • The activity bow visor : It is ideal for children and newborns, as it consists of various games and toys to wake up to (or stuffed animals).

  • The parking sunshade : Often found in accordion shape and intended to cover the entire surface of the windshield. Regardless of which model you choose when purchasing, it is important to ensure that the dimensions match those of the vehicle’s windshield.

These are the 4 best umbrellas of the year 2020.

last name guy Benefit
Baby sun visor see on Amazon Universal size umbrella 48 x 30 cm for side windows, UV protection and thermal protection.
  • Simplified assembly and disassembly.
  • Universal size 48 × 30 cm.
  • Motif for children. Ideal for small passengers.
WANPOOL sun visor for driver or passenger see on Amazon Conductive visor
  • Easy to mount on the integrated visor
  • Adjustable to the right, left and down
  • Effectively protects against UV rays.
FREESOO windshield cover see on Amazon Anti-Ice Snow Sun UV Foldable Visor 147CM*100CM
  • Effectively protects against UV rays and keeps the car interior cool in summer
  • It also fights frost.
  • Operating temperature -50 °C to +40 °C
REAL GLASS RASCALES see on Amazon PROTECTION against harmful UV rays – Anti-reflective – High quality material
  • Covers the entire surface of the glass.
  • Protect your baby and your privacy effectively.

To keep the interior of your vehicle always cool in summer or to protect your baby from the UV rays of the sun, the sun visor is the last resort. the dangers of UV rays It is no longer necessary to prove it, it is essential to protect your family during long summer holidays (going on vacation) and also to provide a refrigerator for electric cars.

There are different types of umbrellas. The main thing is to define the use that will be made of it. This is the only parameter that will help you make the best choice of visor for your car.

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