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Of all the equipment related to the care of children and the safety of your child, the car seat ranks very high in the ranking of the most essential accessories because it allows you to do all your different car journeys while you are, ensures that your little one is always properly installed and is completely safe. And finding the right car seat can quickly take the form of an obstacle course in the sense that there are many very different models. Today we invite you to discover our opinion about the Cybex Silver Pallas Evolving Car Seat, which, as you will easily realize, has many advantages to confirm.


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The 2 main advantages of the Cybex Silver Group 1/2/3 car seat

  • The Cybex Silver Pallas car seat is said to be progressive in that it can adapt to your child’s growth when it weighs between 9 and 36 kilograms, making it a car seat group 1/2/3. In fact, the various accessories can be compensated or even eliminated, so that your little one can always benefit from the best comfort, but also the best safety, regardless of age, weight or size.
  • Whether it’s short commutes or long trips that take you to your vacation spot, the evolving Cybex Silver Pallas car seat will certainly be up to the challenge because it’s a breathable system so your child can enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat. And it must be recognized, at the moment the Cybex Silver Pallas is one of the few models that offers such a feature.

The different features of the Cybex Silver Pallas car seat

Ideal for children from 9 to 36 kg TopSuppliers

If you are looking for a car seat that is really practical every day and can also save you precious time, Cybex Silver Pallas is the equipment for you. In fact it is a swivel chair in which you can install your child in just a few seconds, because it works on the same principle as the Lettas 360° car seat. When you open your car door, all you need to do is turn the Cybex Silver Pallas so that your seat is facing you. After installing your little protégé, all you need to do is turn the car seat in the opposite direction and lock it with a single click. Finally, once the seat belt is in place, you can take it easy on the road and make sure your child is properly fastened.

Obviously, like most modern car seats, the Cybex Silver Pallas has an Isofix attachment that allows you to attach it to your car seats with the assurance that it won’t shift an inch. If we consider this model to be one of the best car seats of its generation, it is also because it is scalable. Indeed, it belongs to the group 1/2/3, which means that it can accommodate your child for many years, as it can carry a weight that can be between 9 and 36 kg, and therefore suitable for all children from 9 months to 12 years. This feature, in addition to the practical side, is also very interesting because it allows you to achieve very significant savings, because by choosing to buy the Cybex Silver Pallas car seat, you do not have to renew this type of purchase several times during the growth of your child..

The pros and cons of the Cybex Silver Pallas Evolving car seat


Very ergonomic swivel car seat.
Suitable for all children from 9 months to 12 years.
Isofix universal fastening system
Very attractive purchase price
Integrated antiperspirant system.

Weak point

There is no support available for this model

Our take on the Cybex Silver Pallas car seat

The Cybex Silver Pallas Swivel Car Seat is considered by many parents to be one of the best today, which, as you can see from this test, owes its many qualities, some more noticeable than others. Whether in the ergonomics, the price or even the comfort it offers, everything is perfect with this equipment that will greatly simplify your everyday life. Finally, as our Cybex Silver Pallas car seat review It’s also positive, it’s also because it’s very cheap road safety equipment. As it is suitable for all children from 9 months to 12 years, it will accompany your little one through much of his growth without ever losing its reliability.

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