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Is this the gadget you need TopSuppliers
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Summary and comparison 2020:

Today considered an extension of your smartphone, the connected watch has become a more than useful device in everyday life. It is a growing market and manufacturers are fighting hard to get the pearl out. This is the case with Fitbit, which offers a women’s health monitoring application in its latest flagship, and vice versa. This application will not be available until the next update of the tocante, but it is a revolutionary advancement in the world of connected watches.

However, no one could have foreseen such a great interest in these toys when the concept was introduced a few years ago. It took a long time for the market to get going and we almost buried the concept. But is the smartwatch the essential gadget for you these days?

How can a connected watch help you?

As we said before, a connected watch is an extension of your smartphone (Android and iOS only). It has several features that can help you on a daily basis. Among other things, we can mention the calculator, the diary, the games …

Further, smart watches In recent years, they have revolutionized the market due to their quality and the complexity of the tasks they can perform. In fact, they have almost become wrist computers by having more than attractive technical data sheets. From RAMs to heart rate monitors, these types of tokens can become essential in your daily life.

Daily Features

These are functions of your connected watch that provide information about your daily activity. We can mention, among other things, the number of steps he took during the day, the distance covered, the calorie consumption, the floors climbed, the number of minutes he remained active, the heart rate … It is also able to make a full analysis of the phases of your sleep, be it light, paradoxical or deep. The flagship data is very reliable for the most part, especially when it has the most expensive smartwatch models.

Sports Features

These are types of features that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some watches have highly developed sports functions. This is the case with the M430 from the Finnish company Polar. These connected watches can even play with a sports trainer to get you in shape when you ride an electric bike. They have the ability to automatically track your sports activities in relation to fifteen sports disciplines. Note that if the watch is on your wrist, the connected watch will automatically detect your sport when you start.

It’s more than a watch, it’s an extension of your smartphone

In addition to these two categories of functions, the smart faucet has other advantages that are difficult to group within one category. We can mention the possibility of reading your favorite playlist from your smartphone (via the Bluetooth application) or from deezer (via the Internet, because it has WiFi), the display of your SMS and all your notifications (Facebook, WhatsApp and other applications ), the ability to make or receive calls (this feature is not available on all connected watches) …

Sealing standards vary depending on the model you purchase. To enjoy all these features, you have to pay the price.

How much would a connected watch cost?

Today, the connected watch market offers you a wealth of possibilities. They are there for all budgets. In other words, for less than 50 euros you can buy a connected watch with a brilliant technical data sheet. They are cheap watches good quality. Companies such as Wilfull and Hizek are experts in this field. It’s a bargain because unlike some devices, you don’t have to resort to quick credit to satisfy your whims.

But to get a luxurious model, you need to put your hand in your pocket. Watches from brands such as Fitbit, Nokia or Polar are still for sale for less than 200 euros. Much is still below the prices that companies like Apple or Samsung show. These companies offer high-end connected watches whose prices are around 400, even 500 euros on Amazon.

The gadget you need or not

The technical data sheet for the connected watches is quite impressive. With features each as useful as the other, connected watches mean you don’t have to reach for your smartphone all the time. But would that justify these prices? It must be recognized that you have endless possibilities to acquire such a device without breaking the bank. But it is true that in a few years we will find our smartphones too bulky and we will opt for this new companion, perhaps not to replace it, but to play its own role. At the moment it is not essential!

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