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Make sure you choose your used mountain bike? – TopSuppliers

Make sure you choose your used mountain bike TopSuppliers
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How to choose and buy a second-hand bike some tips

Here are some points Sunday Tester recommends you pay close attention to to make sure you’re aiming for your used ATV purchase and not ending up with an ATV breaking down much faster than expected!

The frame of your ATV

• It is absolutely necessary to avoid a crack! In fact, it’s the sign of impending demise for the mountain bike in question.
• Look at the condition of the paintings! This will give you two specific clues: who owns it and what kind of mountain biking was. Avoid buying from someone who is doing a very difficult exercise and who has tested the bike hard!
• Always test a bike before you buy it! The frame may look like your size, but it might not be!

Wheels and rotating system:

You must look for a set here, if there is one on your wheel-to-fork mount, avoid buying!
• How do you ensure that there is no slack? This is at the bottom of the pedal that’s going to happen! You have to go back and forth by pulling on one of the cranks that connects the pedal to the crankset.

Watch the system move, if there is something abnormal, you need to think about replacement cost!

The broadcast :

• Remember to check the condition of the sprockets and chain. There are no more than two teeth that should be visible when pulling the chain. If there are more, keep in mind that costs are likely to be expected.
• Take a closer look at the change! If the latter has something abnormal, it should be changed!
• In particular, check all speed cables and covers. – If it is difficult to change at different speeds, please schedule the replacement.

The braking system:

• The groove of the brake pads must be sufficiently marked for effective braking!
• Check for rust spots on the brake system. It would be a sign of very poor maintenance!

MTB wheels:

• Turn the wheels while supporting the ATV with your other hand. There should be no jumping or abnormal behavior. It would be a sign of a veiled wheel!
• Make sure that all spokes are still in the wheel!
• Do not forget to check the freewheel for excessive play and let the kinetic force of the chain pass through the sprockets.
• Worn tires should be replaced quickly. It’s a good way to negotiate the price!

Test the bike well before buying!

Feel free to let the bike “suffer” during a test ride in front of the buyer. If it breaks with a simple emergency stop, it won’t stop you!
• Shift all gears by pedaling: If gears are difficult to change, schedule an adjustment or cable change. If the chain breaks, it must be replaced!
• The bicycle must be lubricated in several strategic places! If it’s missing at all, it’s because it’s poorly maintained!
• At handlebar level: brake the front brake by rocking the bike back and forth.

There may be some play and in this case it is necessary to tighten the steering. If there is too much resistance when turning the steering wheel as well as during this test, it is necessary to anticipate the repair costs!

• On wheels: try a sideways movement with your hand. In case of deviant behaviour, a change is necessary!

Stay tuned on the road with your new ATV! Remember to equip yourself with a helmet and that the bicycle helmet is mandatory for children, remember that traffic rules also apply to you.

Prevent stolen bicycles!

Be 100% careful not to buy a stolen bike!

Always ask for an invoice stating that he owns the bike

Check out some details like:

  • Has the frame been repainted?
  • Is the price abnormally low?

The same goes for a children’s bike, follow the recommendations above.

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