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Summary and comparison 2020:

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Photography is a field that is accessible to everyone. With the advent of digital technology, anyone can get a camera or even a cell phone and easily capture everything in a photo. Whatever equipment is used, there is only one thing that unites them all: the love of photography.

Since our memory is not unlimited and our life is full, the perpetuation of certain moments is necessary, even essential. Freezing the present moment forever is what fascinates and makes many people love photography.

Whether you’re a professional or a photography enthusiast, you can’t live without your camera. Photography is an integral part of your life and no longer gives you peace of mind. All you want is to have the latest digital camera to take more and more beautiful pictures.

But before you consider buying a digital camera, you should first know what it is, what it is for and most importantly what are the features of each type of camera. Remember that the price and complexity of a camera do not determine the quality of the image. Therefore, you need to consider your budget as well as your photography qualifications.

A digital camera is a camera that collects pictures on an electronic sensor rather than on film. Photos are often recorded on memory cards. You can view the results of your photos in real time on a screen equipped with digital cameras.

What is a digital camera and what is it made of?

To summarize photography in general, we can say that it is the storage of light on a suitable medium. But really, how does it work? What is a camera made of and what makes it possible to photograph an image?

The answer to these questions:

  • The lens is an essential element in the camera, it is used to collect the light and focus on the trap.
  • The aperture, another component, will be used to adjust the speed of light. This allows you to determine how much light you want to pass through the lens.
  • That is why the diaphragm has been incorporated into the lens. The latter is a tubular element with transparent lenses. Inside are metal plates that form the diaphragm.
  • The shutter will step in to decide how long the light stays in the trap. Therefore, it is an intermediate organ between the target and the trap.
  • The fall was represented by rose in the past, but that’s a different story for digital cameras. With the latter, the light is not trapped in a film, but in sensors that convert the light into digital signals. These digital signals are rerouted and recorded on a memory card.

What are the types of digital cameras in 2020?

Before choosing a brand or model of camera, one must take into account a very important detail: the type of digital camera. In fact, there are different types of cameras and each has its own characteristics, allowing you to take different types of photos.

    • Compact digital cameras: It is the most popular type of device because it is the best seller for the general public. This type of device is full of different and varied models (good or bad quality). These cameras are generally small in size with a small size lens. This format is less and less used because it does not offer very high quality. In any case, nothing that a smartphone can match.
    • DSLR Cameras: This type of camera is much more advanced than the first, although it is also inspired by traditional cameras. Depending on your wishes and needs, you can place different lenses. Photos are collected using a 45° tilting mirror. With SLRs, the LCD screen is not used as a viewfinder, but as a means of viewing images after they have been shot. For this type of camera, it is advisable to have some knowledge, since to acquire a good camera, the components must be purchased separately (body and lens).
    • Digital bridge cameras: they are intermediate cameras between SLRs and compact cameras. They are bulkier than compact cameras, but less than SLRs. They have an LCD screen that allows you to preview images before taking a photo in real time, but they don’t have interchangeable lenses. This type of camera offers much more than compact cameras without suffering from the complexity of professional cameras, which are ideal for amateur photographers.
    • Hybrid digital cameras: these are the devices that have appeared in recent years. They have the same advantages as the compact, that is, discreet, not cumbersome with interchangeable lenses. The sensors are larger than those of the compact. They are said to be hybrids because they also have all the good qualities and benefits of SLRs. The electronic viewfinder provides a better grip and easier operation, which should not displease professional photographers who increasingly use it as a complement to SLRs.
# Overview of the situation Product Evaluation Prices
1 Sony ILCE-6000LB Hybrid Digital Camera APS-C Sensor 24.3 Mpix Ultra-Fast Autofocus + …… 87 Comments 900.00 EUR EUR 489.00
2 Sony ILCE-5000LB Hybrid Digital Camera, APS-C Sensor, 20.1 Mpix + 16-50mm Retractable Lens - Black Sony ILCE-5000LB hybrid digital camera, APS-C sensor, 20.1 Mpix + 16-50 mm lens …… 60 Comments 550.00 EUR From €399.99
3 Compact digital camera Sony DSC-HX60B, 20.4 MPix, 30x optical zoom Black Compact digital camera Sony DSC-HX60B, 20.4 MPix, 30x optical zoom Black 116 Notes EUR 410.00 239.00 EUR

The selection criteria?

  • Accessibility to creative or program settings or modes. You need it to manage your images and photos, and it’s an essential criterion if you want to vary the types of photos.
  • The power and versatility of the Zoom: it should allow you to shoot quality portraits as well as distant landscapes.
  • It is necessary to check the resolution of the sensor, but most importantly its size. The more important it is, the more light gets in and the more beautiful and brighter your photos will be.
  • A screen large enough to view the photos you want to take or view the menu when making adjustments.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the viewer. This varies from model to model and is very important.
  • Watch for sensitivity. It should be high enough to take pictures of moving subjects or when there is insufficient light.
  • Check connectivity and ask yourself if this is important to you or not.
  • Choose between batteries or batteries for your digital camera.

The best promotions of 2020

There are very interesting backpacks available, which will allow you to transport your APN in the best conditions, but these products have a real problem. In fact they are cumbersome, if you have to travel by public transport or by bike they can become very unbearable. The men’s bag can be customized if you select certain references.

  • Choose a container large enough to comfortably install your APN. This choice can be a bit more time consuming if you have an SLR camera, but the compact versions are compatible with even the smallest models.
  • If you are unsure about the protection, there are covers for the devices. You can put them in and keep them in your bag.
  • Transportation is much easier even if you are on the subway, bus or car.
  • Of course you can’t take lenses and an extra flash with such a product. If you have a shoot that requires a certain amount of equipment, you should adopt the backpack for the AFN.

Also choose a sturdy material that is easy to maintain and protected from the elements. This is the case of the skin when it is treated with a waterproofing spray.

What is the price of a men’s bag?

Some products are sold on the market for less than 10 euros, but the robustness is not their strong point. It can even damage your camera from such a container. Preferably choose renowned brands such as Lacoste, Guess or Diesel. Although the cost is slightly higher, rest assured that you are protecting your devices. Moreover, these bags can be recycled in your daily life with great ease. You can carry your personal documents in a custom way, as with many women who adopt a tote bag.

If you are looking for a small model, Redskins offers you a small bag that sells for less than 30 euros. It is practical, robust and very elegant.

Whether you are a professional photographer or taking pictures as an amateur, choose the best bridge model cameras. A smart mix of hybrid and compact. To help you make your choice, follow our guide below.

Which compact camera to choose?

To choose the best camera, it is best to choose a camera a digital photo that meets these criteria which we present below:

  • A camera short that you can carry in your pocket or even in a bag for larger models.
  • a use of the ergonomic.
  • The sensor of the device must be large enough.
  • Large digital camera reaction, until excellent hem, until good connectivity.

Comparative bridge camera

Which camera to choose in the bridge category? What are the characteristics of a bridge camera? Before introducing you to the best bridge camera comparison, let’s start by showing you the features of a bridge camera, as well as:

  • It is a digital camera that operates between a compact and hybrid model at the same time.
  • It is equipped with a very powerful zoom.
  • Offers management capacity to your user through your ergonomics.
  • Equipped with a sensor that meets the expectations of amateur photographers.

Here are the models we chose for our bridge camera comparison:

Panasonic Lumix FZ2000

The Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 a bridge camera, but it gives you the added feature of being a high quality camcorder. Because it offers infinite 4K video recording. Choosing a Panasonic lumix FZ2000 camera means choosing a ergonomic device very practical, with a touchscreen, with connectivity to many tools such as microphone, USB, headphones … In addition to the high image quality of the latter with its 24_280 zoom for even more incredible images. As for the weaknesses of this model according to users’ opinions, Panasonic’s lumix FZ2000 camera is bulky, which is not really surprising for bridge camera models.

Sony RX10 IV

If you want to choose a high-end camera, please select the option Sony RX10 IV an ergonomic device for a good handling ideal not only for amateurs, but also for experts. The Sony RX10 IV camera gives you absolutely stunning image quality but not only, because you can also enjoy a video function that meets your expectations. This camera offers you 25x zoom, absolute reactivity, a good electronic viewfinder… Regarding the disadvantages of this model and taking into account the opinions of the users, the Sony RX10 IV camera is, like the first model, somewhat uncomfortable.

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