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Our opinion about the Skandika CardioBike Ulisses bike – TopSuppliers

Cycling is a sport that improves physical fitness and the cardiovascular system. That is why exercise bikes are an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to train directly at home. For ambitious athletes, the Skandika Ulisses could be the ideal bike. Here’s our review of this unique indoor bike.

A successful design exercise bike

At first glance, the Skandika CardioBike Ulisses exercise bike is a classic sports equipment, but it turns out to be very well designed. With quite colorful lines, this white bike with a few blue lines offers a rather simple and practical design, although it is not foldable. It should be noted, however, that with a total weight of 30 kilograms, it appears to be slightly heavier than average. However, moving it will not pose any problems, as it is made easier thanks to the wheels on the front of the bike.

In addition, the pedals are equipped with safety belts so that your feet are perfectly embedded while pedaling. The saddle is horizontally and vertically adjustable, making it an exercise bike that everyone in your family can use. In terms of resistance, it supports a maximum weight of 150 kg, 50 kg more than the Ultrasport F-Bike 200B folding exercise bike.

An ergometer for training

The Skandika Ulisses exercise bike is an exercise bike designed for a more intensive workout than the usual exercise bike. In fact, the 10kg flywheel on this model is perfect for beginners, but it will also be perfect for intermediate and advanced users.

It is also important to note that it is a magnetic resistance bike, which will appeal to the most demanding and demanding athletes. With its 32 levels of resistance, users will have varying degrees of difficulty. So whatever your sporting goals, there is no doubt that you can achieve them thanks to this model, provided you train regularly, of course.

The features of the Skandika CardioBike Ulisses exercise bike

In terms of functionality, this exercise bike brings together everything it does. In fact, the control panel of this bike shows a lot of valuable information, such as training time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, as well as heart rate (thanks to the various sensors on the handlebars), power developed but also the measure of BMI.

What also makes this model interesting is the fact that there are 12 pre-recorded training programs available for every type of user. It is also possible to use this bike with smartphones (iOS or Android) thanks to the bluetooth functionality. This makes it easier to track your workout and see your progress over time and workout.

Like the Ultrasport 600 road bike, the Skandika Ulisses is an exercise bike that suits every sport profile. Its adjustable seat and equipment, as well as its various training programs, make it an exceptional exercise bike for anyone who wants to improve their fitness in the long term.

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