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Summary and comparison 2020:

To ensure your safety and that of your passengers, the driver must be responsible and careful while driving. Accessories have been created to help you with this. This is the case with car seats designed for the safety of babies. While there is little debate about its usefulness, the equation to be solved is often that of choosing the right model. Parents often turn to car seat models that former users consider the best. An example of such a model is the Cosmo Nania Rose car seat. In this article, we invite you to discover its strengths.


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The 2 main advantages of the Cosmo Nania Rose Group 0+/1 car seat

Sleek and modern, the Cosmo Nania Rose Reclining Car Seat has moved with the times. But what makes it especially interesting is the fact that it is ultra-resistant, allowing you to keep it looking like new for years to come and of course guaranteeing the best available safety for your child in the event of a shock or accident.
The French brand has once again proven that it perfectly masters the subject of the Cosmo Nania Rose car seat, which offers many very interesting features such as the reinforced side protection, the maximum comfort cover or even the possibility of tilting it. in 5 different positions

The different features of the Cosmo Nania Rose adjustable car seat

Achetez le Cosmo Nania Rose au meilleur precio

The Cosmo Nania Rose car seat is lightweight. In fact, the weight is only 6.7 kg. The dimensions are as follows: L540 × 440 × H615. To ensure that the baby can feel comfortable after installation, the Cosmo Nania Rose car seat has a very comfortable cover. This cover can also be removed for washing. We also note the presence of a “headrest” to secure your baby’s neck. This car seat model fits all cars with 3-point seat belts. This Cosmo Nania Rose car seat has been designed in accordance with the various safety regulations in force in our country. So parents can rest assured: the famous “ECE R44 / 04” standard has been complied with.

This Cosmo Nania Rose car seat can be used in two ways. Installs to the front of the vehicle or to the rear. When he introduces himself, he sits looking back. In this case, it can support a weight of 0 to 13 kg (therefore, the airbag cushion must be deactivated). In general, this Cosmo Nania Rose car seat is designed for children with a maximum weight of no more than 18 kilograms. To guarantee safe transport, the car seat is equipped with a 5-point belt with the option of double adjustment on the shoulder. This Cosmo Nania Rose car seat can therefore recline in 5 different positions. When purchasing this product, the warranty that the brand offers is valid for a period of 24 months.





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Our opinion about the Cosmo car seat, Group 0 + / 1 (from 0 to 18 kg), Nania Rose

First, there are the instructions in the brochure. They are well written and the photos accompany the explanations. This greatly simplifies the installation of the Cosmo Nania Rose car seat. Second, the sturdiness of this car seat is worth mentioning. Thanks to the firmness of the straps, the baby is very well secured. Comfort is there and the baby has no problem falling asleep during the trip. In addition, it is easy to lean back the car seat. These are several advantages for a price that does not even reach 60 euros. However, we find it a pity that this model is not rotatable, as can be the case with, for example, the Cosmo Nania Black car seat. Many parents appreciated this excellent value for money.

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