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Our tips for making a custom cap – TopSuppliers

Our tips for making a custom cap TopSuppliers
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Summary and comparison 2020:

The cap is much more than just an accessory, it’s for sure an essential wardrobe. For men or women, the cap is available in many styles and trends, but can also be customized! In fact, it is quite possible to imagine and create an accessory that looks just like you, for purely personal or marketing purposes. In this guide, we invite you to discover the different fitting techniques. You will also find tips, which can help you throughout the process. Do you want to know more? In this case, keep reading.

Why make a custom beanie?

Tips for making a personalized cap

There are several reasons for personalizing your cap:

  • To show a unique style that suits you – You like to stand out and stand out, but none of the caps sold on the market really match your personality? Then don’t wait any longer and choose to personalize the caps.
  • To talk about your company, your association or your sports association. – The personalized hat can also be regarded as a promotional gift or as an advertising accessory. In any case, it is an excellent means of communication, which can be distributed both at a trade fair and, for example, during a seminar. The custom corporate boundary can even take on the role of protective team for all employees in a company.
  • Offer a personalized gift. What could be better than creating your own personalized gift for someone you love? Do you know their taste in clothing and accessories? In this case, do not wait any longer to please him, with an excellent cap with custom visuals.

The first step: choosing the lid

Before you start customizing your cap, it is good to choose the model that suits you best. As we said before, this accessory comes in many different styles. Here is an overview of the limits available for customization in trading:

  • A European model : the newsagent, as well as the Irish cap or even the beret are models of European caps that seduce, both for their vintage side and for their inimitable style. These accessories are perfect for a vintage, casual or elegant style. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more streetwear cap, you’d better go for an American model.
  • An American model While athletes will opt for the so-called “fitted” cap, which is worn by baseball players, hip-hop and streetwear fans in general, they will turn to the snapback, which has a flat brim and a thick cap.

Have you found the model that suits you best? In this case, it’s time to look at the image you’ll be using to personalize your cap.

How do you choose the image to personalize your cap?

The visual choice really depends on it the customization process you choose:, to create a border on your image. However, we can give you some advice so that the result meets your expectations.

In the beginning, you don’t have to go for an image that is too busy. Due to the small personalization area on the lid, it is better to choose A simple pattern that can be seen and understood even from a distance. On the other hand, the design of the pattern is also worth considering. Do you want to attach it to the front of the cap? Behind or to the side? Depending on the location, Some visual changes may be required.

What are the procedures to consider when customizing a cap?

You can personalize your cap according to different processes: embroidery for example, sewing a patch or even printing on textiles. Learn a little more about these different methods.


The embroidery is An ancient technique that offers a completely satisfactory result. If the embroidery is currently done with specific machines, keep in mind that this adjustment method is: accessible even to people who have never learned to sew. Even if you want to discover a new creative process, we recommend that you start. All you need is a ball of yarn and a needle.

the plaster

Here’s an extremely simple cap fitting method. All you need to do is find a patch that suits your style on the Internet or in specialty stores. Generally, patches can be sewn, but can also be sealede.g. with a steam iron directly on the fabric.

Textile printing

Textile printing is a bit more complex because it requires the right materials. Again, there are several methods that will help you get a good result.

  • The herd : the visual is printed on a foil, which then fuses with the textile. Flocking is the process used in the design of sports shirts.
  • Digital Printing : thanks to a specific printer, the ink is injected directly into the fabric to form patterns. This method creates color transitions, unlike flocking.
  • sublimation – The pattern is printed on coated paper, which is then pressed onto the lid at high temperature.
  • the flex : This printing technique is comparable to flocking. On the other hand, the printed image is smoother and clearer.

If you would like to personalize your cap using the printing process, It is better to call professionals. This is what will interest us at the moment.

Entrust the customization of your cap to experts

Today, more and more suppliers offer you the customization of their caps, in as many copies as you want. We also recommend that you visit this site with a customization module. Easy to use, intuitive and well thought out, this computer usable tool will help you create the accessory that really suits your personality.

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