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The best snow chain of 2020 – TopSuppliers

1635289921 The best snow chain of 2020 TopSuppliers
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Summary and comparison 2020:

Top 6 of the best snow chains of the year 2020

When the low temperatures return, you need to take some measures to avoid being caught off guard by bad weather. This explains why we wanted to tell you about the snow chain, essential car equipment and in some cases mandatory so that you can drive safely on snowy roads while maintaining control of your vehicle. To find out what equipment it is and which model suits you best, we recommend that you check out below: compare snow chains the trendiest of today so you can plan for next winter with the greatest serenity there is.

Snow chains ranking and price comparison 2019

# # Overview Product Judgement Price
1 Michelin Grip 008306 Easy Grip Evolution compound snow chain, EVO 6 Michelin 008306 Easy Grip Evolution compound snow chain, EVO 6 127 reviews 99.90 EUR EUR 76.75
2 Car Snow Chains, 8 Pieces Car Snow Chains Universal Skid Chains for 235mm to 285mm, ... Snow chains for cars, 8 pieces Snow chains for cars Universal chains … No notes EUR 73.27 EUR 52.99
3 Windshield type snow chains - Anti-slip chains for cars - KRAWEHL - Ø 9 mm - with mechanical tensioner - Group ... Windshield type snow chains – Anti-slip chains for cars – KRAWEHL – Ø 9 mm – with tensioner … No notes EUR 32.90
4 4 Goodyear 77932 '12mm' 12mm snow chains, size 230, suitable for SUV, commercial vehicle, 4x4, TUV approved and ... Goodyear 77932 «12 mm» 12 mm snow chains, size 230, suitable for SUVs, vehicles … 0 comments EUR 79.00 EUR 51.74
5 5 Anti-slip chains for SUV tires, light commercial vehicles, 4x4 vehicles.  Replace the snow chains on the... Anti-slip chains for SUV tires, light commercial vehicles, 4×4 vehicles… 17 comments 90.00 EUR
6 6 GOOD YEAR GODKN070 Metallic Snow Chains from T.70, 9MM GOOD YEAR GODKN070 Metallic Snow Chains from T.70, 9MM 9 comments 29.95 EUR
7 7 Yuanj 6pcs Universal Car Snow Chain, Easy To Install Anti-slip Adjustable Snow Chain, Fits For ... Yuanj 6 pcs universal car snow chains, easy to install snow chain, … 0 comments EUR 39.99
8 DINOKA snow chains, universal adjustable anti-slip chains for car / truck / SUV Tire width ... DINOKA snow chains, universal and adjustable anti-slip chains for … 27 comments EUR 92.41
9 9 MICHELIN extreme grip snow chains, self-locking tension, # 60 MICHELIN extreme grip snow chains, self-locking tension, # 60 No notes EUR 61.10
10 Osaloe snow chains for car / SUV / truck, 6-piece non-slip universal chain for vehicles with wide tires ... Osaloe snow chains for car / SUV / truck, 6-piece anti-slip universal chain for… No notes EUR 35.99

What is the actual use of a snow chain?

The snow chain, which differs from snow socks by its structure, will be essential when the roads start to snow, as it will stop your tires from coming into direct contact with the ice. In fact, thanks to the weight of your vehicle, the snow chains will sink into this snow to reach the ground and thus guarantee a better grip. You will no longer slip or lose control of the wheel, although you should also be aware that the use of such car equipment requires your full attention.

Your grip on the road will definitely improve, but it won’t be identical to what you might experience in normal times. This is why the recommended maximum speed when using snow chains is between 30 and 50 km/h, also depending on the type of road taken. In particular, we recommend that you always have snow chains in your trunk. So in case of sudden snowfall, instead of being stuck on the road, all you need to do is equip your tires and go on your way.

Michelin Easy Grip Evolution snow chain: the best of the moment!

Your road safety is more important to you than anything else, and does that require you to always be able to drive in the best possible conditions? In this case the snow chains. Michelin Easy Grip Evolution you will know how to satisfy yourself, because thanks to the advanced technologies you will benefit from more grip on the road in case of snow, all at a price that is still very affordable. These Michelin snow chains are currently the best-selling in their category.

Which makes all the interest of the Michelin Easy Grip Evolution snow chain, is the fact that it is very easy to mount it on a tire, even if a little preliminary training is required. Available for almost all tire sizes, this Michelin snow chain benefits from exceptional longevity and a unique cross-sectional structure that helps you maintain control of your vehicle in any situation, so you can face bad weather with the assurance that you can go home despite everything.

When is the snow chain mandatory?

About the snow chain we hear many different versions about the obligation to use it on snowy roads. That is why we wanted to separate the true from the false. First of all, keep in mind that wearing snow chains is not mandatory in France in the vast majority of cases, even though it is highly recommended. In fact, just because this equipment is optional does not mean it is not useful, quite the contrary. By deciding not to equip it, you run the risk of losing control of your vehicle and thus having an accident, a risk that would actually be less if you did.

However, there are also certain roads in France where snow chains are mandatory. This is especially the case on mountain roads with large differences in altitude. This obligation is illustrated by a circular road sign with a tire surrounded by a snow chain on a blue background. In general, the roads that require this equipment are already very dangerous well roads, an even greater danger with snow or ice. Finally, do not wonder whether a snow chain is mandatory or not. As soon as the situation calls for it, you should equip your tires to avoid any risk of accident.

Our 2 favorite snow chains of the year 2020 to discover

Choosing your snow chains is something that cannot be done randomly. In fact, some very specific features have to be taken into account. Even if all this road safety equipment can be adapted to both summer and winter tires, it is important to consider the ease of installation of the equipment or even the different technologies used during production. Below we would like to present two models of snow chains that offer only advantages and can therefore fully meet your requirements.

Husky self-tensioning snow chains

the Husky snow chains They are very interesting because they are very easy to assemble and cheap. By choosing to equip it, you do not have to sacrifice all your savings and you can cope with possible weather risks very easily. They even have an automatic tensioning system that allows them to adjust to your strap in seconds.

All in all, you need no more than thirty seconds to install these snow chains on each of your tires. But this is also the power of Self-tensioning Husky snow chainsIt is the fact that they are compatible with the ABS system of cars, which allows you to drive in complete safety, even if the weather conditions do not work in your favor.

Set of 2 König CD-9 snow chains


KÖNIG CD-9 104 - Snow chains, set of 2

KÖNIG CD-9 104 – Snow chains, set of 2

  • 235/70-15, 235/60-16, 245/55-16, 215/65-17, 225/60-17, 235/55-17, 255/45-17, 275/40-17, 225/ 55-18 non-continental, 225/50-18, 245/45-18, …
  • The manual tensioning chain.

The König brand is well known and recognized in the automotive industry as it is considered one of the best brands of its generation. Every product he designs benefits from impressive overall quality, and the set of 2 König CD-9 snow chains is no exception. With it in your possession, you can walk on lightly snowy or ice-covered trails without the slightest risk of losing control.

It is true that the snow chains König CD-9 they are less easy to mount on the tires because they have a manual tensioning system. But once they are finally installed, you will benefit from a perfect grip on the road and can not fault them, as their efficiency is exceptional. In short, if your road safety is the number one priority, then purchasing the CD-9 König set of 2 snow chains is the best decision you can make.

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