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Also known as a “child seat”, the car seat is specially designed to ensure maximum safety in the car and the comfort of a child while traveling in a vehicle. This helps prevent serious damage in the event of an accident. Over time, the car seat has evolved. In fact, today there are many car seat models available on e-commerce sites. Before being able to choose, the father must take into account a number of criteria. But you can also simply go to the best models on the market. the Cosmo Nania Skyline Black car seat It’s one of those models.

Red car seat Cosmo Grp 0/1 Nania Skyline

  • Group 0/1 car seat for children from birth to …
  • Fitted with a 5-point harness with double shoulder adjustment.
  • Comfortable car seat, offers a good level of protection …


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The 2 main advantages of the Cosmo Nania Skyline Black Group 0/1 car seat

To ensure the best comfort for your child, but also the best possible safety, the 0/1 car seat of the Cosmo Nania Skyline Black group offers different tilt angles, which in particular allows you to hit the road in peace and ensure that your child is installed in the best conditions.

  • Like its older brother, Nania’s Beline Skyline Black, the Cosmo car seat is designed to be highly practical for parent use. This is reflected in particular by the fact that it is rotatable, which will have the effect of saving you precious time every day, not to mention the Isofix bindings that will guarantee the impeccable stability of this rig.

The different features of the Cosmo Nania Skyline Black car seat

The best swivel chair for groups 01 TopSuppliers

This is a car seat model designed for young children who weigh no more than 25 pounds. It is also suitable for newborns. The width is the same as that of the back seat of a car. The Cosmo Nania Skyline Black car seat can be set in four different positions. To give the baby a little bit of vision while the car is moving, this tendency is not total. Note the presence of a 5-point harness. The manual (included in the package) will help you understand how to choose the harness adjustment level. The Cosmo Nania Skyline Black car seat is designed to protect your child from side impacts. This model respects current legislation and has theApproval «ECE 844/05». In addition, it is manufactured and tested on French soil.

Also keep in mind that this car seat fits in all cars. In addition, it has a fairly rigid base that allows it to remain perfectly in the car. To install it easily, you have to rely on the pitch of the belt. In terms of colors there are 4 versions available. This car seat can be positioned in different ways : facing the road or facing the road. In the first case, it is installed in the front of the car and the weight of the child should not exceed 13 kilograms. In the second case, it is installed at the rear of the vehicle. This context is more suitable for children who weigh at least 9 kg.

Our opinion about the Cosmo Grp 0/1 Nania Skyline car seat black

Overall, this is a very satisfying product due to its various strengths. Even if the way of installing it varies according to the weight of the baby, it is clear that: This car seat is very easy to install. Ease of use is also present with the harness. Once installed, the child will feel at ease. The reclined ability of the chair even helps the child fall asleep more easily. Despite its light weight, this car seat is sturdy once installed in your car. Finally, the price-performance ratio is excellent and has received unanimous support from users. The same goes for the aesthetics of the product.

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