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The ideal water apartment to row the Skandika Nemo II SF 1970 – TopSuppliers

The ideal water apartment to row the Skandika Nemo II
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Summary and comparison 2020:

To save the shape, exercise is the best way to get there That’s why everyone has their preference between all existing sports. Rowing is one, not least, that strengthens the stamina and strength of the body in general and the extremities in particular. The home rowing sports team, the skandika nemo 2, faithfully conveys all the sensations of this exceptional water sport for your enjoyment. We have tested it!

Presentation of specially designed equipment.

With its long and elastic hinge, the skandika nemo 2 water paddle adapts to your needs. The rail it is equipped with allows exercise for people of all sizes (up to 2 meters). On the performance side, the equipment offers up to 9 resistance levels; so much to say that even a professional has something to train. The center console, with its digital display, transmits essential information, namely: distance traveled, number of strokes, calories burned, cadence and time. In addition, the ergonomics of the operation make you feel comfortable for better performance.. The equipment has a water tank, which makes you feel in a nautical environment with every stroke of the paddle. The maximum weight carried by the equipment is 150 kg.

Advantages of the skandika nemo 2 water rower

The skandika nemo sports team is:

  • Foldable, allowing for hassle-free storage;

  • Comes with water tank cleaning tablets;

  • Easy to assemble and requires little maintenance;

  • Well designed for water sports;

  • Made with top quality materials.

The skandika nemo 2 water paddle is therefore very practical for keeping fit at home.

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