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Karcher Edi4 Battery Windshield Defroster Presentation and Price



€49.99 36.99

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the Karcher EDI4 Windshield Defroster It is a practical and compact device with which you can defrost your windscreen very easily. We all know this brand that has made the high quality pressure washer their specialty. In order not to undermine its reputation, Karcher launched this windshield defroster respecting its customs, that is, the quality of the product. You can only recognize this product by the brand colours.

Karcher defroster: rechargeable on 220 v mains

karcher defroster What is very interesting about the Karcher Edi4 windshield defroster is that it is revolutionary in the field because in fact it will be enough to charge it so that it is ready to use, it will give you a 15 minutes autonomy. To charge it, simply charge it at home before use. It is of course very important that you always make sure that the battery of the Karcher electric defroster is sufficient. That is why we recommend that you charge your equipment at least once a week as soon as the winter period returns, so that you will not be surprised if you need it. .

What we also really liked about this Karcher wireless defrosterIt is the fact that it is very compact. So it is quite possible for you to store it in your trunk or glove compartment while having very little space to dedicate it. Also keep in mind that the Karcher electric defroster comes with a protective cover which keeps it undamaged and therefore remains as new and efficient as the first day. Finally, note that the Karcher windshield defroster seen on TV can only be charged by car if it has a cigarette lighter voltage converter, as the only complaint we can make about this device is the fact that it is not equipped with a cigarette lighter socket , a defect that, however, will soon be forgotten because its effectiveness is formidable.

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How does the Karcher electric defroster work?

The Karcher defroster is very easy to use, its working principle is a disc that rotates on the windshield, allowing it to be defrosted. It takes about 30 seconds to defrost the windshield, i.e. with a 15 minutes autonomy It will not be necessary to charge it every day. As soon as it was introduced to the general public, Karcher’s electric defroster was immediately found to be successful, which in addition to being ultra-easy to use must also be the fact that it perfectly respects the glazing of your car. In fact, the frost will be removed under the influence of the rotation of the disc, protecting it from any risk of bursting due to thermal shock.

Plus, unlike windshield wipers, Karcher’s wireless defroster is perfectly gentle. So you run no risk of scratches or micro-scratches. Your windows will remain as good as new, even after hundreds of uses. Specifically, the Karcher defroster is currently the best equipment for: defrost your windshield quickly, easily and efficientlyme. Finally, it is also important to note that the brand has emphasized ease of use, as the Karcher cordless electric defroster, with its round shape, fits perfectly in your hand. Obviously, once you see frost on your windshield, it only takes a few seconds to be visible again and ready to hit the road in top condition.

Karcher Edi4 Electric Windshield Defroster Video

Defroster Karcher Editor’s Review

The Karcher defroster is arguably the best aircraft of its generation and is way ahead of all its competitors. In fact, it is an ultra-efficient electric defroster that will help you find your windshield like new in seconds and can be very easy to use. Now when you go to work in the morning, you don’t have to leave early to do the traditional chore of defrosting your windshield. In addition, thanks to this electric defroster, you ignore any risk of cracking the windshield that could be related to a thermal shock. It is clear that this team has the The best solution to defrost a windshield without running the risk of breaking it.

the Customer feedback on Karcher Defroster They are also very positive because they appreciate the affordable price of this device, as well as its extreme ease of use. Currently there is no better solution for defrosting the windshield than the Karcher EDI4. Wherever you live and however often you use your vehicle, we therefore only strongly recommend that you offer the Karcher wireless defroster because when the time comes, you will undoubtedly be very satisfied. of the services it will provide to you.

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