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Tried a road trip in a van in Madagascar my
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Summary and comparison 2020:

Madagascar is an island known for the richness of its fauna and flora, as well as for the surprising beauty of its landscapes. During my last vacation I wanted to spend a few days there. However, it is also a very large island. That is why I opted for a bus trip in Madagascar. It was the best solution for me to be able to move the way I wanted on the island. In this article I want to share my comments on this unforgettable road trip with you.

Mandatory preparations to travel to Madagascar

Like any other trip, a stay in Madagascar must be carefully prepared. And one of the conditions to get there is of course having a tourist visa, which is not that complicated at all. It is now even possible to apply for the Madagascar Visa Form online, saving you a lot of time. A few minutes in front of your computer screen, information to fill in and that’s it.

How to find a van in Madagascar? My good plans!

They stay in Madagascar

If I wanted to rent a van during my stay in Madagascar, there are two reasons for it. First of all, because the island is so big, I was able to move around as I wanted without having to rely on public transport. And when I liked the places and wanted to stay, I just had to take out my observation binoculars to admire the scenery and put a mattress in the back of the vehicle to sleep there. In my opinion, renting a van to visit Madagascar gives you total freedom.

There are two options for renting a van in Madagascar. For starters, just like in France, you can go through a car rental company. This solution is simple and very fast. But the one I prefer is different. I even experienced an individual. Why ? I paid less to rent my van in Madagascar. But also, and above all, I had the opportunity to have a real human encounter and to share a moment of extreme conviviality with the owner of the truck, who even took the opportunity to give me little tourist addresses to discover, including beauty. it was impressive.

Must-see places to discover in Madagascar

Madagascar is a particularly rich island in terms of activities and places to discover. And among them, some marked me more than others. This is especially the case with the rice terraces of Ambositra, the island of mats which can be reached by canoe, the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park or the mixed capital Antananarivo, where you can shop, try local dishes to say the least and of course, meet the ever smiling and hospitable Malagasy, who has only one thing in mind, to share his love for Madagascar with you.

Difficulties encountered in the van

My stay in Madagascar was unforgettable in every way. And in retrospect, I also encountered some difficulties that allow me to consider this journey as exceptional from now on. A big part of this success lies in the fact that I chose a truck to get around. But it also caused me some problems. All roads on the island are impassable and sometimes I have to risk getting stuck again with my vehicle. Traffic rules aren’t the same either, and driving a van in Madagascar can be tricky in big cities where cars, scooters and pedestrians mix up on the road out of nowhere. But for me, all these little details that were difficult to handle at the time made my trip to Madagascar rich and considered unique.

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