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What are the possible selling points TopSuppliers
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Summary and comparison 2020:

Over the past twenty years, the MBA Master in Sports Management has established itself as one of the most interesting courses in France. In fact, the aim of the MBA is to train students in leading various large-scale projects and initiate them in the construction of sports networks with everyone who practices them. Today, the MBA is a new opportunity for prospective students who want to specialize in the sports sector. If that’s your goal, discover everything you need to know to prepare for your Master of Sports Management degree. We invite you to discover here a complete archive in which you will find all the useful information to make your decision in full knowledge of the facts. As you will see, the Master of Management of Sport is a particularly comprehensive degree whose opportunities have the advantage of being truly numerous.

Registration for the Master Management of Sport and openings

Master in Sports Management

With the intention of prepare for the 2024 Olympics planned in France, a new dynamic has emerged to create employment in the sports sector and to make this global event run smoothly. If you are a professional athlete, graduated from the Grandes Écoles or hold a bac + 4 with a good command of the sports sector, you have the opportunity to enroll in a school that offers one. Learn more about the MBA ESG work-study master’s program

With this training you will gain access to various professions such as communication or marketing in a sports club or professional competition, organizing sports events, managing sports training centers, managing social media. in a sports company … etc. Of course, with a Master’s degree in Sports Management you can immediately start working in the professional world via Internships and work at companies.. This approach allows students to discover the real problems of the professional environment for better integration.

Courses studied in sports master management

In the program for obtaining the Master in Sports Management, various subjects are taught to students. Before starting their training, they start with a 2-day integration seminar to introduce them to the values ​​of the profession and explain the course of their training. At the end of this seminar Iis future sports managers touches on different aspects of the job.

In that sense, the training revolves around 7 essential themes. General courses on the world of sports are offered to sensitize students to the challenges of the profession at geopolitical, social, etc. level. Sports law and taxes They are also studied and supplemented with professional projects to be carried out in groups to apply the knowledge gained. Marketing applied to sports is a core theme for the practice of the profession. Students receive training in the various tools and techniques they will need once they are involved in the professional environment (project management certification, advanced Excel, web expert certification, etc.). Finally, to stay up to date, students should know: digitally applied to sports to be able to use it in your communication strategies and event organization.

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