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With the right equipment it is possible! – TopSuppliers

With the right equipment it is possible TopSuppliers
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With the right equipment it is possible TopSuppliers

You listen to it all day long: exercise is good for your health, it’s good for your body, etc. And that’s true!

But maybe you don’t have the time or motivation to hit the gym?

No problem, we offer a selection of products that can help you exercise at home. But before that, for those who are still skeptical, here are the benefits of regular sports:

1. Longer Life Expectancy

The benefits of sports are so numerous that they positively affect our health at all levels.

So much so that we live longer and above all in better conditions. If you want to be in good shape after 60, you need to spend some time on strength training and cardio!

2. The feeling of achieving something

Exercise helps to develop a sense of accomplishment. And suddenly self-esteem and self-confidence increase!

Problems at work, heartbreaking stories that don’t go as planned? Nothing better than an intensive session to remind yourself that you are capable of going beyond your limits and showing your guts!

Exercise is also an opportunity to make progress in an area and to ‘challenge yourself’.

3. Weight Loss (But Especially Fat)

Exercise helps to reduce body fat and control your weight.

Unlike food, sport depends on our energy reserves. You don’t lose muscle or fluid, but fat.

Of course you need a balanced diet, but you don’t have to deprive yourself if you exercise regularly! We all know athletes who eat a lot but don’t gain weight. This is explained by your metabolism expending more energy at rest.

The greater your muscle mass, the easier you will lose weight!

4. Sleep better

Exercise is an excellent way to get a good night’s sleep. Due to the fatigue that comes with exercising, you fall asleep more easily and, above all, more deeply.

An intensive session also produces serotonin. This molecule makes you feel full, making it easier to fall asleep. This is where the feeling of well-being comes from after a wonderful intensive session!

Now that you are convinced of the positive effects of sport on your health, it is time to get started:

“How can I exercise with a (too) busy schedule?” «

Yes, this is a problem for many people! It is not easy to block time for yourself with the obligations of everyday life.

It is only possible to create an environment conducive to sports results with very little equipment! Everything for a limited budget.

Do you doubt it? We’ll show you now! (Some tips are taken from the Neoozen wellness site)

Indoor bikes are popular with athletes for several reasons!

1. A non-traumatic exercise

Exercise is a “gentle” sport activity. People recovering from orthopedic injuries cycle indoors as part of rehabilitation

The impact on the hip, knee and ankle joints is minimal. A person, whether recovering from injury or not, avoids the traumatic stresses found in other disciplines. If you regularly have knee pain when, for example, walking or running, the exercise bike can be a very good compromise!

2. muscular endurance

Muscular endurance refers to the ability of a muscle to apply force continuously and repeatedly over a long period of time.

When you pedal against resistance, you increase the resistance in your leg muscles to include your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles.

The skipping rope is very practical and at the same time not expensive at all! Here are some of the many benefits of the skipping rope!

Rope is a very good fat burner

Skipping can burn about 1,300 calories per hour. Of course, the exercise is demanding. Beginners will not be able to sustain that duration. But 15 minutes is enough to get results!

Increased muscular endurance.

The skipping rope covers the entire body. By taking a “heavy” rope, you work more on your arms. Also remember to tighten your abs during your jumps!

Improved coordination

The rope aids in the development of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This improves spatial representation, reading skills and memory and makes you more mentally alert.

The weight bench is essential for practicing basic exercises.

Developing bedtime, for example, is a prime exercise in a mass-gain strategy. Developing before bedtime is an exercise called “polyarticular.”

This means that you train several muscle groups at the same time. Namely: chest, shoulders and triceps.

Effectively recruits the pectoral muscles

The established DC is virtually unparalleled in its ability to attack the pectoral muscles with heavy loads.

It is the only exercise (with its variants) that allows you to load the chest with maximum weights!

Build muscle mass in the upper body

When it comes to gaining upper body mass, nothing beats a good bedtime building program!

Together with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, the results will come very quickly!

Getting stronger!

Perfect for increasing your strength! With the different variants (arms outstretched or arms together), bedtime development can specifically target certain muscle groups.

With a weight bench you can train your shoulders, chest and triceps in depth.

However, be careful to work with the correct loads. Don’t fall into the ego-lift trap of lifting heavier than you can just to flatter the ego.

(Suddenly, exercise isn’t great and increases your risk of injury)

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